Payroll Irregularity

Payroll is a huge expense. Many companies across the United States still rely on paper timesheets. One of the issues with paper timesheets and this type of record tracking is that people aren’t always accurate- sometimes accidentally and sometimes deliberately.
You trust your drivers- if you didn’t, you wouldn’t keep them working for you. Truth be told, most businesses don’t have drivers that are directly stealing from them, just maybe adding a few minutes here or there or rounding up or down o suit the situation.  One of the most common ways this is done is with their supposed time worked:

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Fleet Tracking In The “For Hire” Industry

Taxis, Limos & Tour Buses 

When we hear the term “fleet tracking” we often think of company trucks or vans. While this is accurate, it is not the full picture of what a fleet vehicle is and therefor what fleet tracking entails. Limos, Taxis, Tour Buses and other vehicles for hire are all a company’s “fleet” of vehicles.

The appropriate term for this group of for-hire vehicles is called livery. And just like other fleet vehicles these limos, taxis and tour buses can greatly benefit from fleet tracking.  Increased driver accountability allows for improved customer service and comfort, while ensuring safe practices and proper utilization of your vehicles.  Managers and business owners now have an easy to use technology to:

Verify client pick-up and drop-off times
Reduce fuel costs costs by monitoring idle times and speeds
Eliminate side jobs (Also allowing the driver to not be pressured to “stop the clock” since it is out of his control
Proper activity tracking if customer dispute ever comes up
Enhance  customer experience by providing accurate ETA’s 
Dispatch drivers with directions  send vial email or text on the fly to customer pick-up locations

The livery industry is the first step of tourism and commute for travelers and in many places,like NY for example, a necessity for things to run smoothly. Separate yourself from the pack and discover today what GPS fleet tracking can do for you.

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GPS Fleet Tracking For All Businesses

Any Size Company. Any Industry.

If you look at things from an investment stand-point, businesses with a fleet of vehicles have a serious dilemma: they spend a ton of money annually on their drives and vehicle, but don’t know for sure what they are doing throughout the day!
Presuming that there is only one driver per vehicle, a company can EASILY invest $50,000 per year for a driver and vehicle wear/tear. If you have a fleet of 10 vehicles, that is a half -million dollar investment annually!

If you were going to spend $500,000 annually…. would you want to know where those investments are during the day and what they are doing?

That is the beauty of Fleet Tracking….. now you are able to know exactly what that investment is doing all day long.

By tracking and monitoring your fleet with GPS, you can reduce costs by saving on fuel cost, eliminating unearned overtime and become more productive with the time you already use.  In this uncertain economy, every dollar matters.  GPS fleet tracking can help your fleet entric business regardless of niche or vertical

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3 Important Facts About Fleet Tracking & InTouchGPS

3 Important Facts About Fleet Tracking & InTouchGPS

Fleet tracking has become the norm, not the outlier for fleets across the country- regardless of niche or size. So the decision to implement fleet tracking is often a foregone, now the real challenge arises- Which provider to choose? Here are three things you should know about IntouchGPS that could influence that answer.

1) No Contracts….Ever

We believe in a simple philosophy- if they are happy and seeing ROI the customer will stay. And we are right. We have one of the highest year over year retention rates in the industry, all without a contract. We don’t want to hold someone accountable for something they aren’t making use of or especially keep them giving us money, simply because a sheet of paper tells them they have to. We want our customers to be ecstatic and realize our worth and value and feel like a priority. You are never a number on a list to us- we take your company’s business personally.

2) Affordable

We offer top of the line devices and an in-house custom built application. We have been in business for many years and with the sheer volume of customers and products we work with we have negotiated special rates between us and our suppliers and pass those savings onto you. We believe in the value of a long relationship, both professionally and financially and would rather have a low margin over many years than a one time big hit.

3) We are Fanatical About Customer Service

We have a dedicated onboarding team- they will test devices remotely to make sure everything was installed correctly, train you on best practices and ALWAYS be there if you have a question about our application. No matter whether you have one device with us or thousands you are treated equally and we do everything in our power to make your fleet tracking experience an incredible one.

To discover what fleet tracking can do for your company, contact us today with any question or to schedule a no pressure demonstration of our system.

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