4 Reasons Why People Choose InTouchGPS

Reasons Why People Choose InTouchGPS

When a business owner or fleet manager decides to implement GPS fleet tracking there are many companies to choose from.

We are honored when someone selects us and we believe that it is usually for one of the following four reasons.Reasons Why People Choose InTouchGPS

1)      No Contracts – There are many advantages to not having contracts. At InTouchGPS we understand whether it is seasonal, business related or vehicle related that your fleet needs  ebb and flow. One of the reasons that we don’t require contracts is that We don’t  believe that you should be paying for something that you aren’t using. However, it goes beyond that. At  InTouchGPS, we believe that we need to earn your business every month, every day. We don’t want you tied in because of some piece of paper and legal jargon, we want you utilizing us because we make your life easier and your business more profitable.

 2)      Experience –  InTouchGPS  was an early pioneer in providing GPS fleet tracking services. We have been focused on fleet tracking AND ONLY fleet tracking for many years.  Over that time we have had the opportunity to work with almost every kind of company and help them overcome almost any fleet- related challenge.  A lot of people may offer a similar tool as InTouchGPS but similar to a paintbrush, the end result also is defined by who is welding it. We have dedicated staff that will make it a point to understand your business’s fleet needs and show you how the application can solve any issue.

 3)      World Class Support – We have an incredible support team based out of the Orlando area. We have high standards in hiring top shelf talent and follow that up with rigorous training to make sure that our Client success specialist are able to support your needs. We have various ways for you to get help for any need. Whether it is device related, a billing question, an application question or anything else,  you can call us directly, submit a trackable trouble ticket, watch training videos or look for answers through our knowledge library for FAQ’s and their answers. If a case is submitted during the workday someone will get back in touch with you within one hour and if after hours or on the weekend by 10 AM the next business day. We are here for you.

 4)      Training – InTouchGPS knows that there are hundreds of different ways that you could use our system.  For this reason we have a dedicated personnel to help with onboarding.  Once you receive your devices this person will follow up with you and schedule a time convenient for you that we can understand why you decided to implement GPS Fleet tracking and what you want to accomplish. Next we will show you how to set up the application to do just that. Although we pride ourselves on the ease of use of the system you always have our team that you can call and ask about the best way to use the system to solve a specific problem. Whether it’s setting up landmarks and alerts to find out if a vehicle is moving outside of approved hours or showing you how to automate timecards to streamline manual processes this person will walk you through it whether you are just getting started or have been with InTouchGPS for quite a while and just wanting to solve a different issue than the original.

 For these reasons and many others, InTouchGPS is often selected as the company of record for GPS fleet tracking services and devices for businesses across America.

Contact us today to learn what InTouchGPS can do for you.



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Fleet Tracking & The Customer Experience

The Customer Experience

In today’s economy price is often a determining factor. When prices are similar what makes a customer go with one company or another. More importantly what makes a customer stay?

The answer is the level of customer service and how they are treated by your company

Does your customer feel that they matter to you?

InTouchGPS has seen company after company benefit from enhancing their customer service and overall customer experience with the integration of GPS fleet tracking.

How does fleet tracking from InTouchGPS.com

1)      Our application is cloud-based. This means that from any web-enabled device that you can access the application and see where your vehicles are at as well as gain other information that allows you to make other real time decisions. Need to deploy a vehicle to a specific location quickly? Fleet tracking can tell you which one is closest and send dispatch notes to that vehicle.

2)      Searchable application- InTouchGPS works with any size fleet . Some of the fleets we work with have one vehicle and some fleet’s have several hundred vehicles. When you are dealing with many vehicles you can easily get lost in the quagmire of too much data. Our application has filters and search functions built in to easily find the vehicle or vehicle related information you are looking for very quickly.

3)      In this fast paced world we live in, time,  is our most precious commodity. Especially in areas when dealing with services in a timely manner matter (plumbing or AC emergency for example)  customers satisfaction levels quickly diminish as time goes on without your serviceman there. With GPS fleet tracking you can quickly and correctly manage customer expectations, provide ETA’s and updates to your customer.

There are a myriad of ways that GPS fleet tracking can be used and the benefits can be tremendous. To learn more about what InTouchGPS can do for you, contact us today.


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A Fleet Manager’s Guide To Fleet Tracking

For those who participated in scouts as a child, they remember that they often carried a field guide to help them to do things like start a fire, build shelter etc. Life would be easier if everything came with a guide.

Luckily, if you are a fleet manager or business owner, there is a guide to Fleet Tracking and its name is InTouchGPS. You can call our training department or support team at any time and they will help define a solution for your fleet related problem.

InTouchGPS is not only a respected provider of GPS fleet tracking devices and services, but even more importantly we are experts in it’s usage. If asked, here are 5 ideas from a collection of experience we would call upon to craft:

The Fleet Manager’s Handbook

1) Have clear and concise goals both directions on the ladder.

If you are a fleet manager, know exactly what is expected of you and what metrics are being used to define those goals. For example- Lower fuel costs is not as strong as lower fuel costs by 3 percent across the fleet within three months. If you manage the fleet drivers- discuss what you are tracking, what you are not tracking, and you and your company’s goals and expectations for each area.

2) Automate. Automate. Automate.

One of the best things about the InTouchGPS system is that it lets you automate so many tasks. Instead of using your time to create tons of data points, simply schedule a report and forget it. These reports can be things such as timecards, first and final movement, trips, and many more.

3)  Create alerts to allow you to manage by exception, instead of pouring over data to see if someone broke the rules.

Speeding, movement, landmarks and working hours are just of the few alerts that you can choose to receive.

4) Use the application to solve your biggest issue and then tackle the next in priority- you don’t have to do everything all at once.

5) There are multiple ways to find ROI through fleet tracking- discover your largest loss and solve.

Think of some of your challenges and discuss with us different ways that you could use the application to come up with a solution.

To learn about other benefits and how to take advantage of them, contact InTouchGPS today.


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Fleet Tracking Provides Business Intelligence

Fleet Tracking & Business Intelligence

While many people utilize our application in order to see where their vehicles are, it is just as important to see where your vehicles have been. What business intelligence can you gather from looking at historic trends?

At InTouchGPS we keep all of your data for a full year. Combining the functionality to; easily be able to export any data schedule and automate daily, weekly or monthly reports to be sent to your email; and real time alerts to notify you of driver behavior.  Our application is a veritable house of information.

Don’t let this intimidate you. The way it is structured was purposefully meant to be very easy to navigate through. The first step of any journey is first determining where you want to go or in this case what information that you are looking for.

Here are three issues that business intelligence from Fleet tracking allows you to solve:

1)      Customer Complaint of Lack of Service- Fleet tracking allows you to count for your drivers whereabouts – every minute…And in turn you can report to the client with irrefutable evidence that your people were where they said they were.

2)      “Case” for or against employee. You can showcase great habits of a certain driver for merit or bonus or if necessary for HR , show just cause for termination or use data to create an appropriate program plan with behavior evidenced on system. ( Ie Speeding routinely)

3)      America is land of laws and regulations. Driver and fleet audits are becoming more and more routine. If ever necessary, fleet managers can go back and show proof of compliance, vehicles history, maintenance history and other historical data artifacts.

Managers can now look at the long view in order to establish trends, route inefficiencies, driver performance and other aspects that allow them to become better at their job.

Contact us to schedule a no pressure demonstration of our application to learn more about what InTouchGPS can do for you today.


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Fleet Tracking For Start-ups

Fleet Tracking and Start-Ups

The start-up company is the epitome of the American dream. Take an idea and finally have the resolve and dedication to make it happen. The challenges of a start-up are different than a second stage company and completely different than a mature company.

The largest difference between the stages these companies are in is often cash flow. While profitability is incredibly important, the compliment to it- reducing costs- is equally as important.

Fleet vehicles are the backbone of so many types of companies- from service industries, to construction, energy, telecommunications and so many others. Cutting costs related to these fleets is a quick way to increase your bottom line.

Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking allows for the ability to reduce operating and fuel costs while providing the insights that can help your business increase productivity and safety.

Business Intelligence gives you the knowledge about what is really going on in your fleet and with this knowledge the power to quickly make decisions and changes that affect your fleet.

The ROI gained through fleet tracking is powerful. Fleet tracking becomes a force multiplier and can be the defining factor between a start-up company failing or thriving.

Fleet tracking software is an investment that will prove its worth and continue to cut costs as your small business or startup grows.  As you grow, the ROI of fleet tracking grows as well- often exponentially instead of linearly.

Discover what fleet tracking can do for your organization by contacting InTouchGPS today.

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Ask The Fleet Tracking Experts

At InTouchGPS, we are more than a provider of GPS fleet tracking services and fleet tracking devices.

We are GPS fleet tracking experts. After serving  thousands of clients in almost every vertical and helping them maximize ROI we understand the many challenges that a business owner or fleet manager may have to endure…but more importantly many ways our system can be used to solve these challenges. Here are some specific common problems and how InTouchGPS can solve them.

Fleet Tracking Problem #1   – Fuel costs are outrageous.

In many companies fuel is the third highest expense (behind payroll and the cost of the trucks themselves). While we can’t completely eliminate fuel costs, we can help ensure that drivers are ONLY going where they need to be. Our application also can help with minimization of fuel used by providing the dispatch a way to see which vehicle is the most appropriate to send. Lastly, you can define working hours for each day and know if a vehicle is being operated outside of those hours

Fleet Tracking Problem #2 – Proof of Service

How many times have you heard “Your driver was late or never here”?

You talk to your driver and he says he was there at the right time.

Do you give a credit or refund of some type? Discipline the driver? Believe the driver? Tell the customer they are wrong?

How about this conversation instead?

“Your driver was late or never here?

“Ma’am/Sir, in order to provide better service to you our company has invested in the use of technology called GPS fleet tracking. This technology allows us to pinpoint where our vehicles are and were at any given time. The vehicle in question stopped at your house  at 1:57 and stayed there until 3:04 and then left.

“Oh, okay, thanks for checking”

There are more fleet related problems than we can list, however we have never been dealt something that we couldn’t help tremendously with through the aid of our GPS fleet tracking experience.

What fleet related issue(s)  are you trying to solve?

Contact the fleet tracking experts at InTouchGPS today to learn how we can help.

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