Snow Plows, Salt Trucks and GPS Fleet Tracking

InTouchGPS is based out of Orlando, Florida. That means we don’t deal with hard snows and heavy winters.  Although we did have to get out our winter coats a couple days last week, snow is a foreign concept for us. However, we are the partners and suppliers for companies across America and know that heavy snows are just a part of life. Many companies who offer lawn services rig out their trucks and vans with snow plows to keep bringing in revenue during the winter.

Snow Plows and Salt Trucks

Snow plow and salt truck companies across the United States take advantage of our service offering. GPS fleet tracking allows them to easily track where they have been and what areas still need to be covered (easily done by setting up client or area as a landmark) or looking at the times and routes that certain vehicles took.

Our system also allows dispatches to be sent to the drivers to quickly be able to react to changes in priority or simply to help with directions.

In a large snowfall safety is paramount and the utmost concern for the people involved. GPS fleet tracking allows you to know exactly where your vehicle is and the current status of that vehicle (whether it is on, off, moving, idling, etc. ) This adds one more layer of protection to your fleet as they keep the streets safer for the local community.

To learn what fleet tracking can do for your snow plow or salt truck company, contact us today at 1-800-746-5170.
With no contracts, you won’t be stuck continuing to pay for the devices once the snow has come and gone.

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How Many Vehicles Do You Need To Benefit From Fleet Tracking?

There are some GPS providers who will only talk to a customer if the customer needs more than a certain amount of devices-typically 5 but we have seen companies that require at least 25 vehicles in order do business with them.

InTouchGPS has a magic number as well.

At least one.

Uno.  Ein. 1.

Fleet Tracking For Any Size Client

That’s it. Although we work with clients that have several hundred devices our system was intentionally designed to work with ANY size fleet.  Our support protocols, training and processes are no different just because you may have fewer vehicles than another company.

EVERY CUSTOMER, regardless of size, is important to us and is treated the same.  You are important to us. 

Often companies with only a single vehicle or only a handful of vehicles, feel that the importance of making every penny count is often a greater challenge and need than it is for larger customers. There aren’t multiple divisions and vehicles to make up the difference in lost efficiency if a vehicle is down for unexpected maintenance or drivers aren’t being efficient.

The ROI of GPS Fleet Tracking can be huge for even the smallest of fleets.

Regardless of the size of your company, the bottom line is important. InTouchGPS has seen clients of all sizes experience a significant increase in their bottom line through reduced costs and increased profits. Whether it’s reducing fuel costs through routing more efficiently, improving driving behavior through accountability, reducing maintenance cost through scheduled tracking or a myriad of other benefits, our system will help you to become more profitable.

So whether you have one vehicle, five vehicles or hundreds of vehicles, your company can benefit greatly from GPS Fleet Tracking with InTouchGPS.

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Sometimes to define yourself, you also have to define who you are not.  At InTouchGPS we only do business vehicle tracking. While the devices and software would work with other types of tracking, it is just not something we want to do. We don’t do spousal tracking, animal tracking, teen tracking, silver tracking or anything else that isn’t specific to fleets.


Fleet tracking is a large sector with very specific needs. We built and continue to build our software with the very strict demands of business fleet’s in mind. We don’t want our focus to be diluted; we don’t want our device to be all things to everyone. ( and we don’t want to get stabbed by someone mad our devices helped someone catch them cheating)

We want businesses with fleets to know that the business vehicle tracking devices and services they trust from us were built for them and only for them.

Fleet Vehicle Tracking is something we take seriously at InTouchGPS.

InTouch is: Affordable, Powerful & Easy To Use.

Come discover what InTouchGPS can do for you today by scheduling a no pressure demo or calling us and seeing how we may be able to solve your specific issue.

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Two Innotive Ways Fleet Tracking Is Being Used

Every company is unique in how they integrate GPS fleet tracking into solving their specific goals and challenges. There are two long term clients that use GPS fleet tracking in such an interesting way we wanted to showcase their ideas.

2 Innovative GPS Fleet Tracking Ideas

Courier tracking

The first company has a fleet of about 25 vehicles. They created several groups for different territories and assigned the vehicles to a group. When helping them set up their account they had one vehicle in its own group. When asked what was special about that vehicle the company replied that it belonged to the person who handled the cash for the company and who was responsible for taking it from HQ to the bank. In our system you have the ability to create geofences (sometimes referred to as landmarks)  and have them assigned to be relevant to every group or just a single one. Since you can create the shape of the landmark using various polygons they made a landmark polygon across the entire person’s route- turn by turn, street by street. Although they trusted this person, as security protocol would dictate they now had a monitoring system and would be alerted if that vehicle diverged from the allowable path on the way from the bank.

Mobile advertising

There is an old famous Peter Drucker line that says “Half of my advertising works…Half of my advertising does not. The problem is I just don’t know which half”
Our second client has answered this through his innovative use of GPS Fleet tracking. He drives a mobile billboard with a customer’s advertisement on it. He can give proof to his routes and show exactly where he was at. They overlay a map and see if there has been an increase in phone calls or emails have been generated from the territory that they drove on.

What challenges is your fleet facing?

Talk to the GPS fleet tracking experts at InTouchGPS to schedule a demo and see what our software can do for you, today.

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True Fleet Tracking Stories

InTouchGPS serves clients across the country in almost every business vertical and size. We hear incredible stories about the differences experienced in numerous fleets after they implement fleet tracking- it turned the company around, saved them from having to offer a customer credit and so many more wonderful things. However we occasionally also hear what happens when someone decides to wait or forego flee tracking altogether.

If Only They Had Fleet Tracking!

A potential client called to tell us he wanted to get fleet tracking. He said he  would take care of it before his vacation, but never got around to it. When he came back from vacation he discovered

Two of his trucks had been stolen!!

He kicked himself- if he had an alert set-up or landmark created, he could have alerted the police immediately or even track where the vehicles were currently at. InTouchGPS has helped several companies recover vehicles or alert police immediately due to their application.

Another client has had the same person working for him for nearly 20 years. Installed GPS fleet tracking and discovered he had been cheating the system by adding an hour a day to his timecard almost every day since he had started as well as taking a much longer lunch than expected. When confronted with the the data from the report, the worker said he had always done that. So that would be

An hour a day stolen for 19 years…

We could go on and on –there are so many good things related to effectively utilizing GPS fleet tracking and so many mishaps from not having fleet tracking that we could go on forever. We are reminded of Ben Franklin’s popular adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”‘

A third client called us after implementing just one device-he wanted to see how it worked. He had suspicions that one of his drivers wasn’t doing what he was supposed to be doing since his average miles and trip time were much longer than the dispatch reported they should be and there were a few other discrepancies in the worker’s story about his days. The owner followed the vehicle online to learn that his driver was moonlighting, using the company’s truck and company materials to do work for clients he had found and pocketed the entire profit without telling the company.

This client ordered several more immediately.

Isn’t a small investment that is proven to provide peace of mind and positive ROI as well as being the solution for so many potential problems worth finding out more about? Contact us to schedule a no pressure demo and discover what GPS fleet tracking from InTouchGPS  can do for you.

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What the 1930’s Taught Us About Fleet Tracking

A Fleet Tracking Lesson From the 1930’s

In the 1930’s America went through an economic hard time that became known as the Great Depression. During this time people had to do more with less and became much more diligent about making sure they were getting the absolute maximum usage of anything they had. There is a valuable lesson that can be applied to your business in regards to your fleet.

Get the Absolute Most Out Of What You Already Have. 

Are you getting the absolute most productivity and revenue from your fleet possible? Is there any way that you can further reduce costs or increase profits? What if you could squeeze in just one more client a day per driver for your business?

What if you could reduce fuel consumption by eliminating unnecessary idling? (especially where vehicles are used for climate control)

The fleet tracking solution InTouchGPS provides will allow you to do just that and so much more.

InTouchGPS offers a low cost, high value fleet tracking solution with features like a dispatch routing tool, landmark notification, vehicle maintenance tracking, real time alerts, automated reporting and  many others.

Our dashboard feature allows you to define metrics and set KPI’s that are important to you and to quickly see where your entire fleet is in comparison to these goals. You can see if a driver needs training or counseling on a specific issue or perhaps even reward the people in your fleet that are performing above your expectations.

With automated reporting, real-time alerts and a free mobile application, InTouchGPS offers peace of mind that you are in absolute control of your fleet and this fleet tracking solution is getting you “the absolute most of what you already have”

To learn what GPS fleet tracking can do for your business, fill out the contact form on the right hand side or simply call us to schedule a no pressure demo of our system.

We look forward to helping you in this New Year.

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