Benefits that Boost Your Business

Save money. Reduce costs. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Reduce Fuel Expenses

Fuel costs are one of the biggest expenses for fleet owners and operators. While the actual per-gallon cost is out of your hands, a GPS tracking system can easily help you reduce your MPG.

  • Improve Routing. Find the shortest route between locations in real-time and reduce burning extra fuel. 
  • Reduce Idling. Stop excessive idling in real-time and identify idling patterns with reporting.
  • Curb Speeding. Manage your drivers by reducing speeding and improving your overall MPG.

Increase Productivity

What if you could easily streamline the things you do every day? In the fast-paced world of fleets, a GPS tracking system can help you improve efficiency and better manage your business with just a few clicks.

  • Streamline Reporting. Reports that used to take hours are available when you want them — instantly or scheduled.
  • Find the Best Route. Stop wasting gas and time by find the best route for your fleet with live GPS tracking.
  • Stop Side Activity. Eliminate non-essential side activity such as personal errands or early-clock outs with easy vehicle monitoring. 

Lower Payroll Costs

No matter what size your business is, payroll can take up a huge chunk of your bottom line. Know what your drivers and fleet vehicles are up to with a simple click and ensure your payroll’s accuracy.

  • Verify Timecards. With GPS tracking, you’ll know exactly when your employees start and stop work and reduce unearned overtime.
  • Estimate Costs Correctly. Check historical data on jobs to better estimate payroll costs for future quotes and planning.
  • Increase Efficiency. Prevent drivers from making unnecessary diversions for things like personal errands by knowing where your fleet vehicles are at all times.

Protect Your Fleet

Your fleet vehicles are your business’ most valuable asset, making 24/7/365 monitoring essential. From theft to moonlighting, get a high-level view of where your vehicles are anytime. 

  • Prevent Theft. Easily recover stolen vehicles in minutes with real-time tracking.
  • Stop Moonlighting. Reduce your liability and fleet wear-and-tear by monitoring your fleet’s usage 24/7.
  • Verify Location. Set landmarks such as off-limits establishments, decrease time wasted during stops and know exactly where your drivers are.