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Fleet Management Simplified

InTouchGPS offers fleet tracking that combines cutting edge technology with an easy to use application to provide all the tools for you to easily manage your fleet, regardless of size or industry.



Live Fleet Tracking Software

Live Fleet Tracking Software

Track and view your vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our gps fleet tracking system and related software allows you to manage and analyze business objectives in a way that increases efficiency and productivity across your entire fleet.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Application

We offer a very robust, yet easy-to-use Mobile App for our clients….  View current vehicle locations, Run reports, Find Closest Vehicles are More! Click on the link to download by version:


You may also visit from your phone and a tab will appear at the bottom of your screen

Intouch GPS Wex Fuel Card

IntouchGPS Wex Fuel Card

The InTouch GPS Fleet Card program offers your business a simple solution to control all of your vehicle related expenses through ONE simple, convenient and secure program by combining our Telematics data with your Fuel Card data.

To Learn More… Download our BROCHURE, Complete the APPLICATION or call us now!

Already have a WEX Fuel Card?  We are able integrate your Fuel Card data into our system for FREE by completing THIS SIMPLE FORM!



Create customized scheduled reports with the specific data you desire. Use this business intelligence from these reports to make decisions that help manage costs, operate more efficiently, and detect areas of improvement.

Use our advanced analytics to measure trends and patterns of your drivers and your fleet. Use this data to make adjustments that improve the efficiency of your fleet.

Our fleet vehicle maintenance tracking software is a great tool for helping you manage the maintenance of your vehicles. With the software you can setup maintenance reminders according to a selected date or target mileage so you don’t have to track and record the information yourself. Simply access the maintenance section of our fleet tracking software and see when vehicles are due or past due for maintenance.

Monitor your fleet activity and rate driver safety and performance based on metrics that you choose to be important. See the grades of your drivers and compare performance to accurately identify training opportunities.


Scheduled Reports

Scheduled Reports

Set the report that you would like to receive, the vehicle, vehicles or groups that you want and the frequency- daily, weekly or monthly. Your report will be waiting in your email. You can even have different reports go to different people, depending on their role.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Never miss a maintenance activity again! Track and schedule ANY maintenance task for a vehicle, a group of vehicles or your entire fleet. Be notified via email or test when a maintenance task is coming due or becomes past due.

Real-Time Event Alerts

Real-Time Event Alerts

Fleet GPS tracking allow alerts to be set up and delivered via email or text in real time to a designated user. Discover immediately if a vehicle exits a landmark, is speeding past allowable thresh holds or idles too long. Control your fleet in real time, stopping the problem as it is happening, not after the fact.


The InTouchGPS fleet tracking application allows you to pick a certain location on the map or enter an address and be able to pinpoint where the closest vehicles are to that destination. You can choose to dispatch the closest or best available vehicle. This allows the best customer service possible and reduces unnecessary fuel costs and road time.

Our “Destinations” feature allows you to put in a location and which vehicle is heading there. It will constantly update where your vehicle is in relation to that location and provide an ETA when the vehicle has arrived at the final destination point. This allows you the peace of mind of knowing where important vehicles or freight is at portion of the trip.

The “Dispatch” feature allows a company to set up and save frequent job locations. A company can then dispatch a job and the system will notify the driver that he/she is being sent to a certain predetermined location.





Fleet vehicles are often segmented and assigned by role, territory or manager. InTouchGPS allows a company to set up groups or divisions and to determine which vehicle are assigned into each group or division.



A landmark is an area that you determine as a virtual boundary. It can be a job site, a restricted area, a gas station or any other place where you would to know if your fleet vehicle has any activity in.



Our application allows you to have multiple users (at no additional cost). You can choose what permission level users have and control what they can see or edit within the system.



At InTouchGPS we believe in fanatical customer support. If you ever have any issue with the device or application, simply contact us and we will make it a priority to solve your problem.

Although we have tried to make the application as easy to use as possible, there are certainly best practices that you can take advantage of to make the most of our system. Our free training classes will help you get off the ground and maximize the benefits that can be realized through the best use of our service and product.

Our application was built using an in house application development team. We don’t outsource. Since we wrote and control the source code that means that we can quickly make new features or changes based on customer feedback and needs. It also adds an element of security since we know exactly what is built into the programming.

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