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Live Fleet Tracking

Know where your fleet and assets are 24/7/365.

Do you know where your vehicles are? With our GPS fleet tracking system and software, it’s easy to manage, track and view your fleet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It’s a simple solution to help you manage and analyze your fleet, regardless of size or industry. 

Real-Time Alerts

Control your fleet in real-time and tackle issues as they happen.

Know exactly what’s going on with instant alerts that can be set up and delivered via text or email. Find out immediately if a vehicle exits a landmark or if one of your drivers is speeding or idling excessively. It’s real-time control that works as hard as you do.

Reporting & Analytics

Get the data you need exactly when you need it.

Create customized, scheduled reports with the specific data you need to help drive your business forward. Manage costs, boost productivity and explore new areas where your business can save money immediately. View analytic dashboards to measure trends and driver patterns to improve your fleet’s efficiency. It’s all at your fingertips in just a matter of clicks.


Create custom segments and landmarks.

Gain more control by creating customized groups and divisions for your fleet and easily assign vehicles by role, territory, manager and more. Additionally, you can create custom landmarks such as job sites, gas stations or restricted areas as “virtual boundaries” and get real-time alerts when your fleet vehicles enter or exit.

Also Available:
ELD Compliance

Get a hassle-free solution to compliance.

Are you ready for FMCSA and DOT compliance? With the ELD grandfather clause end date rapidly approaching, ensuring you have a fully-compliant ELD solution is not only crucial to your business but also mandatory. If you have ELD, HOS or compliance questions, InTouch GPS has the answer.


Also Available:
VidFleet: Smart Dash Cam Video

See what’s going on from your driver’s point of view. 

Protect your business with the video proof you need. Designed with fleets in mind, commercial dashboard cameras can help fleet managers monitor driver behavior, discourage unsafe driving and reduce fleet accident rates. Video monitoring offers you the hard proof you need to defend your business and drivers from accident claims.

Also Available:
Mobile Apps

Stay connected from anywhere. 

Away from the office? On the go? Mobile apps can keep you connected to your business with full access to your dashboards, alerts and tools — 24/7. With the world as your workplace, you can manage your business and keep your fleet on the road from anywhere.

Shopper-Approved 5 stars

“I have had intouch GPS for about a month now and the system works great. The one aspect I am most impressed with is the customer service. Paige Dirscherl has responded immediately to questions or issues that arose, and to top it off she has a great personality while communicating. If a client was to approach about a GPS company my recommendation would be for Intouch GPS.”
NJ, United States
“We just installed the In Touch GPS system. Mara's training was nothing short of FANTASTIC. She showed us everything we needed to see to get us up and running quickly and explained each of the various functions of the software program that apply to our particular company and situation. She left nothing out and did all of this quickly and succinctly, allowing us to get back to work at warp speed. She is totally AWESOME. She explained how we can get help in the future if we need it, explaining all of the various options available to us. We are so excited to be using the In Touch GPS system. This is going to be so helpful to us here with our fleet vehicles. Currently we started out small but I am sure we will be adding the rest of the fleet in short order. Thank you Mara for your help - you are our hero (well heroine)!!!”
Carlson &
OR, United States
“All Positive grades from setting this up on the initial meeting with Trae Scism to having Paige interact live in some of the training. The only problem is that I've been so busy with other business matters that I haven't been able to delve into learning all of the beneficial features that this GPS system offers. I'm very satisfied and pleased with the reasonable price this system was to purchase and what the monthly fees are. Sincerely, Scott Curry”
Scott W
FL, United States