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How GPS Fleet Tracking Works Diagram

How GPS Fleet Tracking Works

GPS fleet tracking is possible thanks to the Global Positioning System (GPS) – a combination of satellites positioned around the globe. The receivers/devices that we place in your vehicles are able to communicate and send signals with these satellites and in return the exact location of a vehicle can be determined.

The fleet tracking software we have created is able to collect this data and present live web-based tracking at your fingertips. InTouch GPS is able to provide both GPS tracking hardware and software to collect countless information about your fleet.

How Fleet Tracking Works:

  1. GPS Tracking Device Determines Vehicle’s Location
  2. GPS Tracking Device Records Data
  3. Information is Sent from the GPS Tracking Device
  4. The Information Gets to You

Don’t know how to choose a GPS Tracking Device? Reference the Buyer’s Guide Resource Above!

Using Cell Phones For Fleet Tracking

Your smart phone is handy when you are in a metropolitan area and need to locate the nearest coffee shop, but if you need continuous and reliable updates on where your fleet is, twenty-four/seven, don’t be fooled into believing that a cell phone is the answer.

A cell phone is actually the opposite of the answer to your fleet tracking needs and could be a complete waste of money in the end. Cell phone tracking systems are notoriously non-specific in the locations they provide. Also, the GPS feature on a cell phone will drain the phone battery more quickly than it would otherwise be drained. And if your drivers are out-and-about with a dead smart phone, they might as well be on a deserted island, as far as information is concerned.

Last but certainly not least…a tracking system from InTouchGPS will not tie you down to a contract and only costs minimal per month and we don’t charge a penny for our devices. So don’t just take our word for the fact that your cell phone tracking can’t even come close. Try out our system and find out what you’re missing!

Phone Tracking Diagram

How to Implement InTouch GPS

Implementing fleet tracking with InTouchGPS is easy; however there are some best practices that we recommend to maximize the benefit of our system. Watch the video to learn some tips and techniques that will help you make the most from your GPS fleet tracking experience.

Considerations When Choosing A Provider

There is a fine line between having specific enough location updates versus being overwhelmed with too much data. The industry standard system updating times are every 2 minutes when the vehicle is on and every hour when the vehicle is turned off, which is exactly what we offer. However, many companies will give a monthly monitoring price which seems appealing, but they are only providing you with updates every 5 or 10 minutes when your vehicles are moving. You may think you are getting a deal, but they pay much less for data being used and your location updates are much less frequent. At the same time, there are companies that will tell you that you need to get updates every 10 or 15 seconds. While this will give you location updates much more frequently, many businesses ultimately pay much more for extra data and when they run reports or track their vehicle “live”, they find the extra data to be unnecessary, and possibly overwhelming. It’s important to remember that all Stop/Stop events are triggered by the device, so they will always be accurate to the second and frequency intervals in-between serve to provide evidence of the route.. typically a vehicle moves a very short distance every 120 seconds when you factor in traffic, stop signs and traffic lights.
This is a VERY important question to ask and know the answer to. You may find a company that was setup to merely resell another Fleet Tracking Solution. This could be a problem when it comes to getting direct communication from the people actually providing the solution, if something were to go wrong with your account. Moreover, you MAY find that going directly to the source would get you a lower cost. We are not saying that buying from a reseller is a bad thing necessarily, but it is important to know if that is the case. Especially because you may talk to two different companies and they may offer you the exact same solution if they are reselling another Solution.
While GPS Fleet tracking systems can be very powerful tools, they also can require a lot of your time unless they offer features that allow you to receive their benefits without having to sit in front of the computer. Two great examples of this are REAL-TIMEALERTSand AUTOMATED REPORTING, both of which we offer. While many companies have some alerts, make sure they offer a variety which can be configured to apply to either one or various vehicles and also that they can be set up to run at your desired days and hours of the day. It’s vital to have reporting features, but make sure that they also offer a way to schedule specific reports to be automatically sent to you at specific time intervals of your choice. What we find is that if a company is forced to spend a great deal of time using their fleet tracking solution, they won’t take advantage of all that it has to offer.
This is very important!! Many fleet tracking companies will give you a monthly monitoring fee price and then tell you at the last minute about a contract you are required to sign which can be as long as 3-5 years! In our current economy, most businesses simply can’t be locked into a long-term agreement with such an unclear financial market. Beyond that, when locked into a long-term contract, what incentive does that Fleet Tracking provider have to provide stellar service?
There are many GPS Fleet tracking options on the market that are powerful and offer amazing features. However, they can also be difficult to understand and take a while to feel comfortable using. We feel that is important for you to fully know how to operate our solution within 20-30 minutes so that you will quickly and continually take advantage of what it has to offer. We hear constantly from our clients that they had previously purchased an expensive system with many “bells and whistles” only to use about 15% of what had been offered and they were paying an outrageous price for the service.
Many Fleet Tracking companies offer features that will have to apply to all of the vehicles on their platform. However, when utilizing features such as Geo-Fences and Alerts, it’s important to be able to set these specifically for each vehicle because each vehicle has a different driver with their own individual needs. We are able to provide this for you and will show you how to make use of each employees tracking needs.
Another very important question to consider! While there are a number of systems on the market that are very appealing to look at and have a great map, they are essentially useless because once you spend an hour staring at the computer screen you realize that they are missing vital features that are needed to help you add money to your bottom-line. A few examples of vital feature are having various alerts, dispatching capabilities, geo-fences, automated and specific reporting and the ability to view a driver’s address using geo-coding… some companies will only offer you their longitude and latitude which is usually not helpful information.

Common Objections To Fleet Tracking

When you purchase GPS Fleet Tracking for your company vehicles, you are buying a product, but more importantly you are establishing a relationship. The GPS units themselves are essentially useless until installed in vehicles and they reach their full potential once you know how to not only use them, but make them work as required for your company needs. It’s important to know your providers hours of operation, if a live person will answer the phone and if you will immediately get the assistance you need from a person that knows your product. Beyond that, will they provide the on-going training you need to get the most from your fleet tracking system? With Virtual Fleet Supervisor, the answer to those questions is “absolutely”! Nothing is worse than buying a product, not learning how to use it fully, and then it sits under-utilized. That will not happen when you become a client of Virtual Fleet Supervisor!
There is no fleet that is too small. Even if you have only one vehicle whose location you aren’t certain about at all times and one driver whose behavior you aren’t always aware of means you could greatly benefit from our services. Just having real-time updates so that your clients can be provided accurate and timely information can be a huge benefit. Navigational assistance to the driver and anti-theft protection are also some of the many other benefits small fleets can receive from our system.
While you may feel confident that none of your staff is stealing from you directly, small indiscretions using company time and property can add up and dramatically affect your bottom-line. Only one or two employees abusing their driving privileges can establish a bad precedent, as their coworkers will think, “If they can get away with that, I can too.” And sadly, sometimes those employees you trust the most may be the ones who have been taking advantage of you the longest. Again, tracking is so much more than watching your employee. They will quickly see ways in which fleet tracking benefits themselves, your clients and your company as a whole. How valuable would it be to you if you found you had extra hour every day that your employees should and could be working that they aren’t currently?
You may be surprised to know that most of our clients only operate locally. But fleet tracking allows you to structure your employee’s days in ways that can be very helpful if they make lots of short trips. As a company operating locally, it’s particularly important that you track your fleet as your community’s positive perception of your company is crucial. There is nothing worse than having one of your employees cutting off other drivers or being caught places while “on the clock” that bring about an unfair negative perception. All of this can be avoided using Fleet Tracking. The fact that your vehicles are close by does not mean that you shouldn’t be seeing their location at all times, in fact they typically have the most opportunity for increased efficiency. In short, any vehicle that you don’t see needs to be tracked.
BOTH SHOULD TAKE VERY LITTLE OF YOUR TIME!! Our devices are the easiest you will find to install. Our OBD device provides instant service, and our wired device doesn’t have any external antenna to worry about. We have features that are always “on duty” so that you don’t have to be, such as automated reports and alerts that are sent directly to your email or cell phone. The idea is not that you should have to micromanage, but rather that the expectation has been set that there will be clear consequences for your employees for prohibited behavior. We know that no business needs one more thing to be doing during the day…you shouldn’t be spending more than an hour per week tracking your fleet.
This is precisely why you should be purchasing our fleet tracking system. Would you give us $20 if we traded you $200 or more immediately? The savings that our system can provide to you are as simple as that. With no contracts and a 100% money-back guarantee within the first 30 days, there is no reason not to try our fleet tracking system. Over 96% of our clients choose to stay with us each month, without a contract tying them down. They realize – as you will too—that “once the light is on, it’s hard to walk back into darkness.”
We are not saying that all cell phone tracking is equal, but some of our best clients have told us they came to us after trying to manage their fleet using cell phones for tracking purposes: They knew they had a need to track but were frustrated by the unreliability and lack of necessary features associated with cell phone tracking. Having a device that a driver cannot turn off or misplace solves this problem. Most people choose cell phone tracking for the low cost, but at $23.95 per month, we cost less than cell phone service, plus we don’t make you sign any long-term contract. In the end, having location information you can’t rely on is worse than doing nothing at all to track your fleet. For more information, check out our full comparison of our solution to cell phone tracking on our website.
We have clients successfully tracking their fleets in just about every state, other than Hawaii of course. Having to sustain a crystal clear phone call is very different from sending a text, which is essentially what our system does, so you can’t determine coverage simply based on that. Even if your driver does venture into an area where there is no coverage, the device is still logging data and will send up to about six hours of data once coverage is restored.
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