GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking solves many problems that business owners and fleet managers face. In our experience, every company has a unique challenge that they are looking to solve, a particular piece of data that want or just to become more efficient in their fleet management overall. The two reason companies utilize and continue to use GPS fleet tracking is that is proves itself over and over again. GPS Fleet tracking reduces costs and increases profits. While there are a myriad of benefits, there are three that we see most often.  These are lower fuel costs, an increase in productivity and an increase in safety.

Lower Fuel Costs

  • Fuel cost is one issue that never can be completely solved as long as we continue to rely on gasoline and oil to power our vehicles. However GPS fleet tracking can help mitigate the costs through many different ways. Now that an authorized user has the ability to monitor certain vehicle variables and driver behavior they can keep track of actions which use fuel. Some of the things the user can monitor include A) speeding B) times used C) route and dispatch control and D) idling.
  1. A) You can set speed limits and be notified through text, email or automated reporting in real time when a speeding event occurs. You can create a speeding policy and allow the report to help gauge if drivers are following the policy or not.
  2. B) You can set operating hours for any vehicle and alos be notified through text, email or automated report if that vehicle is being used outside of authorized times. This prevents moonlighting and fuel being used for purposes other than your business. We have also seen these alerts help companies lessen the severity of theft since you are able to track when and where a vehicle is and be notified immediately if it is being used when it is not supposed to be.
  3. C) Find the nearest available vehicle to a call and dispatch them by being able to monitor in real time their position. You can also send routes to drivers or help lost drivers with the most direct and efficient route possible.
  4. D) Idling, especially used as climate control can not only burn fuel quickly but also harm your vehicle mechanically.  GPS Fleet tracking allows you to monitor idling per vehicle and determine if the reports seem excessive or not.

Increase Driver Productivity

When the cat is away the mouse will play. This adage is just a metaphor for typical human behavior. Even people who aren’t doing anything “wrong” often up the ante when the boss is around or they know they can be monitored at any given time. The driver’s also are now accountable for every minute of their day so there is no lollygagging or forays into places and events they are not supposed to be. With the aforementioned increase routing and dispatch through GPS fleet tracking there is also far less unnecessary windshield time and more time for clients and jobs.

Increase Driver Safety

A rushed job is often a poor job and can be a dangerous job. Your driver just got lost and is now rushing to get to the customer on time. The routing and dispatch from the GPS tracking give them the best route and allow someone to lotify the customer when they can expect the driver there. ( if it is business model to do so) Less speed, less danger. Less time on rode overall, less danger. Also if a driver ever needs assistance the dispatch knows they last reported and able to send help immediately.

These are just three of the many benefits of GPS fleet tracking.  Learn more about why so many people trust InTouchGPS to help solve their challenges.