Fleet Tracking Offers Numerous Benefits

Fleet tracking is no longer just for the largest and biggest corporate fleets, but has become the industry standard for just about any company that has any size fleet.  InTouchGPS serves companies with several hundred vehicles to companies throughout the US with just a single vehicle. The benefits are size agnostic. There are numerous benefits to fleet tracking for companies in every vertical as well.  Let’s talk about three important things to know about fleet tracking.

1) Fleet Tracking Offers Peace of Mind

Fleet tracking offers a current and historical record of your drivers activity. Even if you never intend to use it, you have the ability to in case there was ever a question that came up or a situation where you had to validate something did or didn’t occur.

2) Fleet Tracking Allows You To Manage Remotely

We offer our fleet tracking services on all smart devices. Concerned with what your drivers are doing? No longer are you tethered to your desk, having to keep a close eye on your people- you can be on job sites or at projects or working yourself and still have the power to manage and observe fleet activity in the palm of your hand.

3) Fleet Tracking is an Investment, Not an expense

We have a dedicated onboarding team- they will test devices remotely to make sure everything was installed correctly, train you on best practices and ALWAYS be there if you have a question about our application. When implemented correctly, fleet tracking can do many things. We recommend starting with your largest issue or fleet challenge and using fleet tracking to solve that, then moving to the next thing. Even resolving one issue often translates directly to more profit or a reduction cost. A large majority of our clients see the system pay for itself in less than three months.

To discover what fleet tracking can do for your company, contact us today with any question or to schedule a no pressure demonstration of our system.