What If Your Drivers Reduce Their Speeds?

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking | Controlling Speeding

Have you ever thought about all of the different effects of having your drivers reduce their speed out on the road? Drivers are more apt to control their speeding when things are more efficiently ran and when they can also be in trouble for speeding higher than authorized speeds.

Here are a number of benefits:

1. This will eliminate high-speed more expensive tickets being issued by law enforcement. Anything over 14 mph can be considered reckless driving and even have the vehicle towed.

2. This will force your drivers to be more responsible when passing other vehicles on the roads, as well as swerving in-between vehicles.  This will help to ensure your drivers are protecting your company image while out on the road.

3. You hopefully will avoid higher speed accidents, and at least hopefully minimize the impact of the accident when traveling slower

4. Your fuel economy will increase.  Did you know that every 5 miles that a vehicle travels above 55mph can decrease your fuel economy about 12%.  Driving at lower speeds will help to decrease your fuel usage.

Holding your drivers accountable  to driving slower has a pretty amazing effect, huh?  We have reports and alerts to know when, and at exactly the time, that they speed.  Contact us today so we can tell you more!