Reasons Why People Choose InTouchGPS

When a business owner or fleet manager decides to implement GPS fleet tracking there are many companies to choose from.

We are honored when someone selects us and we believe that it is usually for one of the following four reasons.Reasons Why People Choose InTouchGPS

1)      No Contracts – There are many advantages to not having contracts. At InTouchGPS we understand whether it is seasonal, business related or vehicle related that your fleet needs  ebb and flow. One of the reasons that we don’t require contracts is that We don’t  believe that you should be paying for something that you aren’t using. However, it goes beyond that. At  InTouchGPS, we believe that we need to earn your business every month, every day. We don’t want you tied in because of some piece of paper and legal jargon, we want you utilizing us because we make your life easier and your business more profitable.

 2)      Experience –  InTouchGPS  was an early pioneer in providing GPS fleet tracking services. We have been focused on fleet tracking AND ONLY fleet tracking for many years.  Over that time we have had the opportunity to work with almost every kind of company and help them overcome almost any fleet- related challenge.  A lot of people may offer a similar tool as InTouchGPS but similar to a paintbrush, the end result also is defined by who is welding it. We have dedicated staff that will make it a point to understand your business’s fleet needs and show you how the application can solve any issue.

 3)      World Class Support – We have an incredible support team based out of the Orlando area. We have high standards in hiring top shelf talent and follow that up with rigorous training to make sure that our Client success specialist are able to support your needs. We have various ways for you to get help for any need. Whether it is device related, a billing question, an application question or anything else,  you can call us directly, submit a trackable trouble ticket, watch training videos or look for answers through our knowledge library for FAQ’s and their answers. If a case is submitted during the workday someone will get back in touch with you within one hour and if after hours or on the weekend by 10 AM the next business day. We are here for you.

 4)      Training – InTouchGPS knows that there are hundreds of different ways that you could use our system.  For this reason we have a dedicated personnel to help with onboarding.  Once you receive your devices this person will follow up with you and schedule a time convenient for you that we can understand why you decided to implement GPS Fleet tracking and what you want to accomplish. Next we will show you how to set up the application to do just that. Although we pride ourselves on the ease of use of the system you always have our team that you can call and ask about the best way to use the system to solve a specific problem. Whether it’s setting up landmarks and alerts to find out if a vehicle is moving outside of approved hours or showing you how to automate timecards to streamline manual processes this person will walk you through it whether you are just getting started or have been with InTouchGPS for quite a while and just wanting to solve a different issue than the original.

 For these reasons and many others, InTouchGPS is often selected as the company of record for GPS fleet tracking services and devices for businesses across America.

Contact us today to learn what InTouchGPS can do for you.