Schools across the nation are getting out, Memorial Day has passed, the beaches are starting to get crowded- that could only mean one thing- Summer is here. If the heat is already taking it’s toll on us, imagine what our fleet vehicles are going through.
One of the GPS fleet tracking features Virtual Fleet Supervisor offers is the maintenance feature with built in alert option. You can create, assign and track maintenance tasks and even be notified via email or text when they are coming due.We suggest using this feature to help prevent a vehicle from going down unexpectedly.

Here are five summer maintenance tips to help you summer-proof your fleet vehicle:
1. Service the AC
The most important element for both your car and your driver is the air conditioning. If yours isn’t running as cool as it used to be—or if you’ve been experiencing trouble—don’t wait to repair it. Use the schedule maintenance to keep track of when it was done last and when repairs are coming due. A stitch in time…

2. Protect the Paint
Especially during the summer and high refractive UV rays and high temperatures beaming your car’s paint, it’s important to take the steps necessary to protect your paint. It is imperative that amid the bustling schedule of dealing with clients and customers your driver sculpts out some time for a basic but regular car wash and wax. This will help protect the finish and seal any miniature cracks in the paint. Try to encourage drivers to park in the shade or inside if possible.
3. Look Closely for Cracks
High temperatures can wreak havoc on hoses, belts and other small but important parts. Examine your hoses and belts for any cracks-(especially if there are whining noises emanating from under your hood.- we can’t do anything about the whining noises in the backseat during those trips in your personal vehicles) Replacing these items quickly is imperative to avoiding major damage or inconvenient breakdowns later.
4. Plenty of Fluids
Many of us trust our fluid levels to be maintained when we get an oil change. Ensure that your coolant system is good. You may want to conduct a coolant system flush and fill. A fresh fill will keep things cool and will help prevent corrosion.
5. Get Amped Up
Take a look and make sure your battery is clean. Clean away any corrosion buildup to avoid any problems down the road. A clean battery will take some of the workload off of the alternator—keeping your car happy.

One additional tip about summer.  Have a policy about how the vehicle is to be used in regards to climate control. Is it okay, when it is hot, if your contractors are inside the vehicle with the AC running and the vehicle is idling? Idling usually increases during the summer for that reason. Our application allows you to track and alert you to idling times as well.
For other useful tips about how to get the most out of your fleet contact contact us today.