At  InTouchGps, we often write and discuss the advantages of fleet tracking from the perspective of the business owners and fleet managers; frankly because they are the ones using our system.

However, our system has incredible benefits for the fleet drivers as well.

8 Ways Drivers Benefit From Fleet Tracking

Your drivers are the foundation of your business and the lifeblood of your growth. It is important that your drivers know and understand how GPS fleet tracking benefits them. Your drivers are the backbone of your business. It is important for your drivers to understand the benefits that GPS fleet tracking offers to them. Instead of the “Big brother” and “you don’t trust me arguments” you can show them how it benefits them. You can enhance employee work satisfaction and create an even better work environment by now having the ability to:

  1. Validate with proof that they were where they said they were.
  2. Keep all employees at the same work level, since no one can “cheat the system”
  3. Reward and potentially incentivize driving behavior that now that it is measurable (for example lowest idle time per month gets Itunes gift card)
  4. Still be able to produce accurate trip and time log if they forget to write down their hours
  5. Dispatch is able to see where they are and provide ETA to customers without having to continuously call or interrupt driver.
  6. Quickly provide directions to lost drivers to where to go from current location
  7. Better chance of keeping a job if their company is fiscally stronger
  8. Weather and traffic features allow for a more optimized dispatch so less “windshield time” for the drivers

Fleet tracking has strong advantages for the company, for the fleet managers and for the drivers themselves.

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