Fleet Manager Tasks

When the workload gets too full, people are occasionally asked to go over and beyond their normal duties. Good fleet managers default is doing that every day.  Juggling a multitude of tasks is the norm, not the exception. From just listening to clients, we created some tasks that are common to most fleets. The Fleet Manager gets to the shop about 7:30 and gets a cup of coffee. Then the Fleet Manager proceeds to:

  • Check emails, schedules, voicemails to see who is going to be here and who is not.
  • See if there are any carry over tasks from previous day or any emergencies that came in overnight that will effect scheduling.
  • Check traffic and weather to make estimates about fleet activity.
  • Meeting with senior management to discuss new KPI’s and advise on ways to become more efficient.
  • Meeting with drivers- receive requests for PTO, gather timecards, discover that driver is not here, call cell phone, safety brief reminder to drivers.
  • Back to office to check email again- inform dispatcher of driver absence.
  • Receive maintenance report from mechanic – sign off on work completed.
  • Review inventory and file request for approval for parts expenditure in vendor supplier portal.
  • Field phone call from person irritated that a service vehicle was speeding in the neighborhood.
  • Create powerpoint presentation on fleet expansion program.
  • Create budget forecast and staffing requests.
  • Schedule meeting with fuel card supplier.
  • Meet with senior management to discuss hybrid vehicles and fueling policy.
  • Write op-ed for fleet magazine as requested by marketing department.

Then he breaks for lunch… At InTouchGPS we understand that there are many components of a fleet manager’s job. While we can’t take everything off of your plate, our application does automate many of the time bearing tasks that you currently manage and helps make your fleet management more efficient.  While saving money is a huge benefit to the company, saving you time is equally important.

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