For those who participated in scouts as a child, they remember that they often carried a field guide to help them to do things like start a fire, build shelter etc. Life would be easier if everything came with a guide.

Luckily, if you are a fleet manager or business owner, there is a guide to Fleet Tracking and its name is InTouchGPS. You can call our training department or support team at any time and they will help define a solution for your fleet related problem.

InTouchGPS is not only a respected provider of GPS fleet tracking devices and services, but even more importantly we are experts in it’s usage. If asked, here are 5 ideas from a collection of experience we would call upon to craft:

The Fleet Manager’s Handbook

1) Have clear and concise goals both directions on the ladder.

If you are a fleet manager, know exactly what is expected of you and what metrics are being used to define those goals. For example- Lower fuel costs is not as strong as lower fuel costs by 3 percent across the fleet within three months. If you manage the fleet drivers- discuss what you are tracking, what you are not tracking, and you and your company’s goals and expectations for each area.

2) Automate. Automate. Automate.

One of the best things about the InTouchGPS system is that it lets you automate so many tasks. Instead of using your time to create tons of data points, simply schedule a report and forget it. These reports can be things such as timecards, first and final movement, trips, and many more.

3)  Create alerts to allow you to manage by exception, instead of pouring over data to see if someone broke the rules.

Speeding, movement, landmarks and working hours are just of the few alerts that you can choose to receive.

4) Use the application to solve your biggest issue and then tackle the next in priority- you don’t have to do everything all at once.

5) There are multiple ways to find ROI through fleet tracking- discover your largest loss and solve.

Think of some of your challenges and discuss with us different ways that you could use the application to come up with a solution.

To learn about other benefits and how to take advantage of them, contact InTouchGPS today.