At InTouchGPS, we are more than a provider of GPS fleet tracking services and fleet tracking devices.

We are GPS fleet tracking experts. After serving  thousands of clients in almost every vertical and helping them maximize ROI we understand the many challenges that a business owner or fleet manager may have to endure…but more importantly many ways our system can be used to solve these challenges. Here are some specific common problems and how InTouchGPS can solve them.

Fleet Tracking Problem #1   – Fuel costs are outrageous.

In many companies fuel is the third highest expense (behind payroll and the cost of the trucks themselves). While we can’t completely eliminate fuel costs, we can help ensure that drivers are ONLY going where they need to be. Our application also can help with minimization of fuel used by providing the dispatch a way to see which vehicle is the most appropriate to send. Lastly, you can define working hours for each day and know if a vehicle is being operated outside of those hours

Fleet Tracking Problem #2 – Proof of Service

How many times have you heard “Your driver was late or never here”?

You talk to your driver and he says he was there at the right time.

Do you give a credit or refund of some type? Discipline the driver? Believe the driver? Tell the customer they are wrong?

How about this conversation instead?

“Your driver was late or never here?

“Ma’am/Sir, in order to provide better service to you our company has invested in the use of technology called GPS fleet tracking. This technology allows us to pinpoint where our vehicles are and were at any given time. The vehicle in question stopped at your house  at 1:57 and stayed there until 3:04 and then left.

“Oh, okay, thanks for checking”

There are more fleet related problems than we can list, however we have never been dealt something that we couldn’t help tremendously with through the aid of our GPS fleet tracking experience.

What fleet related issue(s)  are you trying to solve?

Contact the fleet tracking experts at InTouchGPS today to learn how we can help.