The term “the cloud” or “cloud based software” has been around for a while. So what does it mean and why is it beneficial to you? Simply put, in the cloud means that there is nothing to install, nothing to load- all of your data is accessed using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server…

This means that your company does not need computers in your office to run software programs. Instead of installing a cd or downloading a program authorized users go to a secure website that has a username and password and run the program through your web browser. This means you can access Virtual Fleet Supervisor from ANY web enabled device.

Three Benefits of Using A Cloud Based Fleet Tracking Software

1) No installation is necessary

You start off with one or two authorized users and from there, you can create unlimited user accounts -even with different access levels if you would like. There is no cost in adding additional users.

2) Automatic Updates

When it’s time to update traditional software, every computer needs to be touched again.  Every single rollout, new feature, even bug fixes would require man hours to fix every single device. When the application is hosted by your vendor, the updates just happen. InTouchGPS has built a framework with the thought in mind that it would always continue to be upgraded as new technology and design builds became available.This adds up to frequent improvements and leading edge features. While we believe we have the best GPS tracking system on the market, we still love making it better.

3) Accessibility 

Want an update on your fleet? You no longer have to go to the office to get the data from a software siloed computer. Access the data from any web enabled device to include your mobile device- we have built a simple to use, yet powerful app for that. Once again-no extra charge.

There are numerous more benefits to using cloud based fleet tracing, but at the end of the day, it all boil down to one main element- It makes you more efficient by saving you time and money.

To learn more about fleet tracking and what InTouchGPS can do for you, please contact us today.