As we put up the Christmas lights and eat the last of the leftover’s, many business owners and fleet managers are making decisions on how to reduce costs and increase profits in 2016. One of the ways that many fleetcentric companies have done in the past is to implement GPS fleet tracking from InTouchGPS.

InTouchGPS is the standard in GPS fleet tracking. Combining affordable services, top shelf devices and a dedication to providing incredible customer service, InTouchGPS has become the provider of record for thousands of companies across the United States. We work with companies in every industry and of every size fleet. Whether you have a fleet of one or several hundred vehicles, there are huge advantages to GPS fleet tracking. GPS fleet tracking is an investment that quickly pays for itself.

Utilizing GPS Fleet tracking is becoming a standard across the transportation, delivery and service verticals. With fuel costs, safety and accountability more important than ever, companies utilize GPS fleet tracking to maintain control over their fleets and to be able to make intelligent business decisions based on data they receive. Here are four tips that will help enable you to maximize the GPS fleet tracking benefits that InTouchGPS provides.

1. Define what problem you want GPS tracking to solve.

GPS tracking is not only about knowing where your employees are at all times. Other benefits InTouchGPS clients have realized include improved dispatch planning, reduced fuel costs, time log tracking, location validation and many more!

2. Explain the benefits to the drivers

Many employees feel threatened by the idea of ‘big brother’ watching over them as they do their job. Introduce fleet tracking as a positive asset to them. GPS tracking gives them proof of location and service, proof that they did their job on time and helps dispatch route them more efficiently-meaning less unnecessary windshield time.

3. Define your goals

Ensure that you set measurable goals with clear and concise metrics of what is considered a success. Small changes across many vehicles can equal big savings. If every vehicle in your fleet made one more service call per day or saved one gallon of fuel, what would that mean for your business?

4. Follow Up

The great benefits of automated reports and real-time alerts aren’t effective if there is not a plan to review them and a plan on how to utilize the data. Set scheduled meetings and discuss next steps. Once one item is “fixed” identify and move on to the next. Having a goal and a workable plan will make it easier for the success of GPS tracking to speak for itself.

These four tips are just some of the items that will allow you to maximize the great benefits that GPS fleet tracking through InTouchGPS offers. Schedule a no-pressure demonstration to see exactly what our company could do for you in 2016.