Usually the blog posts InTouch GPS create are about the benefits of fleet tracking to the companies we serve, best practices in GPS fleet tracking, developments in technology or other fleet related news. Today, we are taking a small detour of the norm and writing about one of our employees, David Walloch.

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Born and raised in Central Florida, and have lived here most of my life.  I have been married to Lauren for over 38 years now.  We have 3 married daughters and 6 grandsons.  Our daughters and their families chose to stay in central Florida, so we get to be very involved with our grandsons, which we love.  I have been in some kind of a sales position for all of my adult life.  I started in Sales right out of College.  I called in various businesses in Central Florida for many years.  I went on to switch into  wholesale food sales.  I won different national sales contests while working in the food industry.  I realized early on that to sell a product or service to someone with any success , I first needed to establish a build a trust/bond  with them.  How would I ever get someone to buy from me, if they were not sure if I was honest and forthright.  For 15 years I was in mortgage banking where I seemed to excel.  To be successful as a mortgage broker, one had to earn there trust early on.  Something about meeting with people, having a cup of coffee with them, listening, determining the need and satisfying that need, seemed to make sense.  I stayed in Mortgage banking until 2008, when the market crashed.  I had to determine a way to re-invent myself.  I was approached by a small start up company that serviced GPS fleet tracking devices in 2011.  I came on board with Virtual Fleet Supervisor in January of 2012, and have not looked back.  The company merged in 2015 and is now called InTouch GPS.

What Is Your Role Within InTouch GPS?

My title is National Retail Sales Director–  I am responsible for the sales growth of the retail side of InTouch GPS.

Can You Tell Us About Your Sales Philosophy?

My sales philosophy is not a complicated one.
“Treat every call that either I make or that comes in as the most important call of the day”.  Whether I am speaking with a owner operator of a small start up company with 2 vehicles, or the CFO of a company that has over 250, I must show them the same respect and courtesy.  I also must ask the right questions, listen to their answers to determine their need.  Provide answers to those needs in a way that makes good sense for all involved.  I call it building a bridge of Trust.  If I do that with any lead that comes in, in most cases they feel heard and taken care of, and leave the call as a client.

Funny Story Related To The Company?

There is a story about a small mid-western hauling company that comes to mind.  I received a call from  the owner one day explaining to me what had just happened between him and a employee.  This owner had recently installed hard wired devices in his dump trucks.  He noticed that every night around 12:30 AM, one particular truck would start up, leave the home location and drive to another location, stay there until around 5:00 am, then it would start back up, drive back to the home location until 7:00 am when the driver would start his day.  This went on for 3 days until the owner finally confronted the driver.  The driver confessed that his wife was keeping a record of the miles driven on their car, so the only he could go see his girlfriend was use the dump trump.  I still from time to time try and imagine what the neighbors thought every night when they heard that loud dump truck coming down the street at 1:00 am.  This story still amuses and amazes me as well.
Personal Note from Author-
 I have worked closely with David for years and I am honored to be able to write a post spotlighting him. He is an incredible human being who genuinely loves and cares about people and believes wholeheartedly in the importance of building relationships and taking care of client partners. He makes us all better at our own jobs at InTouch GPS and through his example, just better people overall.
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