Companies that utilize automotive fleets have different challenges at different stages of the company’s growth. However, at all stages there are certain elements related to the fleet which are important (and factor in how fast the company gets to the next stage)-customer service, fuel cost, driver behavior, vehicle cost.

There are so many moving parts to fleet management that any business owner and fleet manager has a laundry list of tasks and would benefit from fleet automation.

What is Fleet Automation?

Taking common tasks and using a tool to automate those tasks in order to increase efficiency.

For example- What if there was a way that you could take reports that were once done by hand such as timecards, speeding, landmarks and have them all sent you automatically via email already formatted.

What if instead of worrying about every driver, you had the ability to manage by exception. Set up rules sand thresholds that you define and be alerted via email or text if ANY of your drivers pass that line. No messages received means that the fleet is doing exactly what you need it to be doing.

What if you could control fuel costs by controlling speeding which in turn affects fuel costs?

The GPS fleet tracking application from InTouchGPS allows you to do just that. Our fleet automation software provides a feature rich, affordable control mechanism that saves you time. We offer  THE standard in the fleet automation world.

What are your specific issues? What are tasks that take up much of your time? Talk to one of our fleet tracking experts about your SPECIFIC problems or time taking tasks and we will show you exactly how our application can help. What does less time away from those tasks mean to your business? To You?