Adoption and implementation of GPS fleet tracking is an investment decision typically made by the business owner or other senior level leader in a company. Fleet managers or IT personnel are asked to vet potential vendors and see who they like and why and finally a decision is made. Very often the final factors come down to price and level of service. Once the company and product/service has been decided upon, the next step is implementation.

Fleet Tracking Adoption

There are many people who will be involved in the implementation process and sometimes this is where fleet tracking adoption gets difficult. Many people don’t understand what GPS Fleet tracking even is. You want to get buy-in from everyone involved to maximize the fleet tracking ROI.

To avoid Fleet Tracking adoption problems here are three basic rules to follow.

1) Communicate specific goals to the person managing the fleet tracking.

That way they know what to look for, what to pay most attention to. For example if you tell someone cut costs using this thing, they will have no idea what to do next. If you tell the person, we need to reduce fuel costs by 2 percent in the next quarter, they will know what areas to focus on. Give specific, measurable goals to the person using the system.

2) Take Advantage of FREE dedicated training and support to your team.

InTouch GPS has an experienced support team whose sole purpose is to make sure that clients are comfortable using the software to accomplish any task. Whether a first time user or experienced veteran of the system, we want someone to feel comfortable that they have the right tool to accomplish the task. If the user has any question on how to use our application to solve any specific problem our support team will walk you through how to set up the system to do tasks and reporting related to that (or any other) problem. We have many years of experience solving almost every imaginable problem and know how best to set up the system to do what you want it to do. We are dedicated to your success.

3) Ensure the drivers understand what is being tracked and why 

You want the people on the ground level to understand that fleet tracking is so much more than “big brother is watching”. Fleet tracking has many benefits specific to them such as not having to call them to tell a customer an ETA, being able to send directions if lost, more efficient means more profitable and the more likely there is a job to be had tomorrow in the first place. Here is a blog about 8 ways that the drivers benefit from fleet tracking.

If you are thinking about adopting fleet tracking into your business, talk to the GPS fleet tracking leaders at InTouch GPS to see a no pressure demo or to have any questions answered.