Fleet tracking offers many benefits to the drivers. (The one we hear about most often is that drivers are not having their routines or days interrupted by numerous phone calls asking ETA’s for customers that called in.) With the integration of GPS Fleet tracking, many companies have increased profit and reduced costs so much that they can now reward and incentivize their drivers to continue to drive even better. Now that they can track fleet related actions, companies can measure and reward actions that are beneficial to the company’s bottom line.
Whether using our custom dashboard or having automate reports providing the data, here are three ways to incorporate incentive ideas to the backbone of your fleet- the driver.

Examples of Fleet Driver Incentive Programs

1) Institute an objective based activity.
An objective based activity can be anything. The Virtual Fleet Supervisor application tracks speeding, idle time average trip time, total trips and so many other things. Define the objective and timeframe and have a contest. For example, the driver with the lowest average idle time this month wins….The reward doesn’t have to be much, just a symbol of appreciation. A gift card somewhere, small cash, a half day off, small plaque- how much does wanting to win that make every driver reduce costs through following best driving habits?

2) Draw game
Every driver who is qualified gets name in hat. Pull name, person gets reward. To be eligible to put name in hat, the driver had to be above certain criteria set by the fleet manager. ( no speeding events that month, at least 20 trips, etc, ) Some people like the randomness of this game and others think it doesn’t reward the best person- that decision is up to you.

3) Customer Recognition
Your fleet drivers are your brand ambassador. With the integration of GPS fleet tracking, customer service can be enhanced and there are more opportunities for drivers to arrive at houses or service calls with a happy customer than an angry anxious one. Set forth a policy that if any calls or comments made about a specific person from a customer call in and are positive then there is a small reward. Including customers in employee recognition programs also allows your business to gather valuable customer feedback as well.

The Ultimate Benefit of GPS Fleet Tracking
The best of all benefits to the drivers is that through GPS fleet tracking costs have been reduced and profits maximized so there is a company for them to be employed at. Over and above any knickknack or swag, this is the best thing that you can give a driver- company stability and still having a job tomorrow.

Have you considered encouraging positive driving habits, but had no way of knowing what really goes on when they leave your warehouse or shop? Well, now you can.

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