Electricians provide a valuable and necessary service. As someone with pretty good mechanical savvy, I tackle most home repairs, but anytime I need almost anything electrical done I will call a professional. Becoming a good electrician takes time and often newer employees work through an apprenticeship to journeyman to master. While there are still plenty of solo practice individuals, there are also plenty of people who are employed with mid-to-large electric companies.  Since these companies provide energy, they are vital to any community and can often have large fleets. Working with electricity is a dangerous job and safety is of the utmost importance on the job.  However, it is also important on the way to the job. That’s where InTouch GPS comes in.

We support electric companies and electricians across the United States and while each business is unique, there are often broad sweeping challenges or practices that GPS fleet tracking can help with.

GPS Fleet Tracking For Electric Companies

Electric companies often have two different roles for which vehicles are deployed.

  1. Dispatch a person to service any residential or commercial electrical issue
  2. Handle power outages due to storms and other acts of nature and get power back on

In both of these, it is important to be able to know where your worker/vehicle or asset is located, how long have they been there? If additional help is needed or an issue arises you can easily find exactly where someone is and come to their aid. These service heroes are often working in dangerous aftermath of storms and high winds, so being able to keep them as safe as possible is a company responsibility.

GPS Vehicle Tracking allows you to gain valuable data on driver behavior. An authorized user can pull historic reports as well as see real time activity and gather business intelligence.

  • How long is a person at a service call?
  • Do we have the  right sized fleet and manpower to fill the needs of prospective clients?
  • Are they where they are supposed to be and doing what they are tasked to do?
  • If they come across somewhere impassable, what is another route to their destination?
  • Are they speeding or driving aggressively?
    (which burns excess fuel, hurts reputation and is unsafe?)

GPS fleet tracking gives you these answer and insights about so much more.

When a person knows that the boss has the ability to monitor their activities they are much more likely to be doing what they are supposed to be doing.

You can use the system to see how fast people are going- of course safety is paramount, but the potential damage to your reputation of unsafe drivers is also a key factor in being able to tracking this (and many other) aspects of their driving. Not only can you easily pull a dashboard and see current and historic data, you can also choose to be sent real time alerts to immediately be able to correct the problem.

With these and many more benefits, electric companies have increased their bottom line and stay with us. If you would like to be the next electric company or electricians to start increasing ROI while reducing costs, contact us today for a quick no pressure one on one web demo about what we can do for you.