Enterprise Fleet Tracking

InTouchGPS prides itself on being the right solution for any size fleet, regardless of the number of vehicles or their types. We work with fleets with one vehicle to fleets with several hundred vehicles in almost every industry. Every company has its own reason for considering fleet tracking, however many of the benefits of fleet tracking are universal. The challenges and deployment of fleet tracking in a small company differs from those in a large company.

Large organizations usually have many moving parts to their organization. Often large companies are defined as an enterprise. In the industry a common term is enterprise fleet tracking, referring to a larger entity.

Listed below are some of the challenges and how our software answers those challenges.

Challenge- Large number of vehicles to import/assign into system

Answer- Our software allows you to name each device assigned to each vehicle. There are filters set up through the application to allow you to search by name, IMEI number, as well as group/division assigned

Challenge – Different management for different drivers and territories

Answer- You have the ability to assign vehicles to specific groups and also edit permission levels in the background to the access level granted to any specific user.

Challenge- So much data to sift through

Answer- Our system has dashboards that are customizable per user to their goals. This allows a quick easy visual snapshot of the fleet activity that is important to that user.

Challenge – Software takes up resources

Answer- Our application is Cloud based. No software to download or update or roll out- accessible from any web enabled device.

Challenge- Data takes too much time to pull

Answer- For every report our application offers, we also have an automated feature where we can have it sent to your email daily, weekly, monthly for the data that you want.

There are other features that allow large fleets to be successful in addition to the ones above.

What challenges are you facing?

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