Taxis, Limos & Tour Buses 

When we hear the term “fleet tracking” we often think of company trucks or vans. While this is accurate, it is not the full picture of what a fleet vehicle is and therefor what fleet tracking entails. Limos, Taxis, Tour Buses and other vehicles for hire are all a company’s “fleet” of vehicles.

The appropriate term for this group of for-hire vehicles is called livery. And just like other fleet vehicles these limos, taxis and tour buses can greatly benefit from fleet tracking.  Increased driver accountability allows for improved customer service and comfort, while ensuring safe practices and proper utilization of your vehicles.  Managers and business owners now have an easy to use technology to:

Verify client pick-up and drop-off times
Reduce fuel costs costs by monitoring idle times and speeds
Eliminate side jobs (Also allowing the driver to not be pressured to “stop the clock” since it is out of his control
Proper activity tracking if customer dispute ever comes up
Enhance  customer experience by providing accurate ETA’s 
Dispatch drivers with directions  send vial email or text on the fly to customer pick-up locations

The livery industry is the first step of tourism and commute for travelers and in many places,like NY for example, a necessity for things to run smoothly. Separate yourself from the pack and discover today what GPS fleet tracking can do for you.