Fleet Tracking Has You Covered

It is a proven fact that people are much more to share negative sentiment than positive sentiment. A significant issue of many fleet-centric company experience is when the customer believes a service wasn’t provided and they were billed with it. We have seen this with HVAC service companies, pest control companies, pool companies, and many other industries. Fleet tracking has you covered. Fleet tracking allows you to address issues with irrefutable proof, without alienating or embarrassing the customer.

Trust The Proof

Historically, it was a drivers word versus a client. Even with the most trusted driver, you could not prove that he was there and often had to give customer a free service or give back money- either situation a loss for your company. Fleet tracking keeps history of all driving for at least a year so you can pull an historic or recent data to answer a clients complaint. Which sounds better from a company perspective? I talked with my driver and he assured me he was there- Or- We have invested in cutting edge technology to ensure issues like this don’t arise. I checked the dates discussed and can send you documented proof that the driver was indeed there. No opinion, no word versus word- – irrefutable proof.

It is imperative to still be polite and professional with the customer. Making mistakes can be embarrassing. Reassure them of the relationship and ask if there is anything else you can help with. As someone on our team is apt to say, invest in the bank of goodwill between you and the customer, so if there are negative deposits like this situation it doesn’t end up being a big deal.

To discover how fleet tracking can help with this issue or with many others fleet managers and business owners experience, contact us today for a free demo.