Fleet Tracking Improves Fleet Safety

Safety is of the utmost importance to companies that operate fleets. Driver safety has to be taught, enforced, supported (and perhaps even rewarded) Damaged vehicles, injuries to your drivers or other people can spell disaster for a company.

So, how can businesses ensure that their drivers  are operating their vehicles as safely as can be?

GPS Fleet Tracking.

While GPS Fleet Tracking can’t prevent all accidents from happening, here are three ways that GPS  fleet tracking can help businesses increase driver safety.

1. Historic and Real Time Reporting

Our system allows managers to pull a multitude of reports and to also set alerts. Want to know if a vehicle is exceeding the limit? Set an alert and be notified real time. You can also look at historic data and identify trends and patterns and see if there is remediation, training or termination necessary for the good of your fleet.

Want to be able to give a lost driver accurate directs? Our system can do that to. We have dashboards built in that allow you to define what metric is important to you and be able to identify drivers who are outside of your expectations. All these reports allow an owner to have validation and proof of how their driver is operating.

2. Ridealong…Virtually
A business owner or manager has the ability see in real time where their vehicle is at as well as pulling any historic data. Since drivers know they are being watched they are much less likely to attempt a side trip or not do what they aren’t supposed to be doing. This leads to less road time and also reduces fuel costs. InTouchGPS hears stories all the time of even the most trusted driver being caught going somewhere he shouldn’t have been or doing something he wasn’t supposed to once fleet tracking was implemented. In one case a business owner saw that his driver was taking a three hour lunch. He had been with the company for over a decade- how many times did he do that before and how much profit was lost on just that one driver? Fleet tracking offers peace of mind.

3. Keeping Your Driver Off The Phone

Dealing with the hazards of the road already require diligence without the addition of a manager calling your cell phone just to see where you are at. With IntouchGPS, any authorized user can log in to the application to see exactly where you are at. This not only improves the customer experience, but also the safety of the driver.

One accident avoided and the system has paid for itself.

Contact IntouchGPS to integrate GPS Fleet Tracking as part of your safety protocol.