Fleet Tracking In California

California, The Golden State. The home of the highest and lowest points in the contiguous US (MT Whitney and Death Valley,) Hollywood Stars and the busy traffic in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and others.

Anyone that works in some of the busier California locations understands the challenge of reaching the destination on time.  Any fleet manager knows that the traffic is often the biggest issue in getting the vehicles in your fleet where they need to be.

California is diverse and is a titan of industry and InTouchGPS is fortunate to work with many business owners and fleet managers from San Diego to San Francisco and everywhere in between.

California has very specific challenges in regards to when you are managing a fleet. Here are two challenges and how GPS fleet tracking helps solve them.

1) High Fuel Costs

Due to the sheer size of California and the congested traffic, trips may have many miles between destinations. Make sure that you are routing as efficiently as possible by utilizing our dispatch tool to give a driver the most direct route (and you send a closest driver from the job). Monitor speeding to ensure that the vehicle is being driven in accordance to company guidelines. Playback the route the driver took to verify that the customer was reached as fast as they possibly could be. Discover an accident or heavy traffic (well, heavier then usual) and dispatch can find a new route.

2) Wear and tear on vehicle is expensive

The frequent change of pace in traffic and stop and go means that your fleet vehicle takes a beating. While we can’t do anything about the traffic in California, we can help make sure that all of your required PM. and scheduled maintenance doesn’t fall through the cracks. Our maintenance feature allows you to schedule maintenance tasks based on date, run time or accrued mileage. You can also decide if you ( or whoever is responsible for the usage of the system) wants to receive text or email alerts when certain tasks are schedule or coming up or even past due.

California is a great state and we are one that are proud to work with in such strong numbers. Whether in California or any other great state in our nation, if you are interested in GPS fleet tracking contact us today for a no pressure quick demo or to answer any questions you may have.