Fleet Tracking Increases Safety

Driver safety and responsible driving are paramount of importance to any company that manages a fleet. It is a serious responsibility regardless of what industry you are in- from construction, to service to HVAC- across the board it matters. Companies are always looking for a way to increase safety and prevent and minimize incidents regarding their vehicles. Without attention and regard to safety measures, you can incur incredible costs, a tarnished reputation and most importantly, can jeopardize the  health and life of your driver or someone else on the road is at stake.
Safety is a matter for everyone on the team.

While it can’t stop all accidents, GPS fleet tracking increases safety while not hindering customer satisfaction or productivity. It does this in a myriad of ways, but the 3 most easily recognized is speeding alerts, dispatch and maintenance.

1) Speeding Alerts – While you can see historic data and speeds for any of your fleets for up to a year, you can always set thresholds and alerts in real time. You can be alerted if a vehicle is exceeding speeds that you deem as allowable. You can choose for these alerts to be received via email or text. Many managers choose to also have their drivers notified real time if they are speeding as to stop the problem immediately instead of an after action.

2) Dispatching Efficiency – Many drivers are speeding to get to a job on time or because they are trying to assuage an angry customer in an emergency. Our system has the capability to choose closest driver to any location and route them in the most most efficient way. This is effective in controlling speeding by preventing the environment in which speeding is “necessary” in the first place.

3) Maintenance Control Our system allows you to set up tasks and maintenance items to make sure that tire, brakes and the rest of the vehicles preventive maintenance is up to date and that the driver is operating a safe as vehicle as possible.

These are just three ways GPS fleet tracking can help improve safety. Contact us today to learn more about what other benefits fleet tracking can provide for your company.