Fleet Tracking & Business Intelligence

While many people utilize our application in order to see where their vehicles are, it is just as important to see where your vehicles have been. What business intelligence can you gather from looking at historic trends?

At InTouchGPS we keep all of your data for a full year. Combining the functionality to; easily be able to export any data schedule and automate daily, weekly or monthly reports to be sent to your email; and real time alerts to notify you of driver behavior.  Our application is a veritable house of information.

Don’t let this intimidate you. The way it is structured was purposefully meant to be very easy to navigate through. The first step of any journey is first determining where you want to go or in this case what information that you are looking for.

Here are three issues that business intelligence from Fleet tracking allows you to solve:

1)      Customer Complaint of Lack of Service- Fleet tracking allows you to count for your drivers whereabouts – every minute…And in turn you can report to the client with irrefutable evidence that your people were where they said they were.

2)      “Case” for or against employee. You can showcase great habits of a certain driver for merit or bonus or if necessary for HR , show just cause for termination or use data to create an appropriate program plan with behavior evidenced on system. ( Ie Speeding routinely)

3)      America is land of laws and regulations. Driver and fleet audits are becoming more and more routine. If ever necessary, fleet managers can go back and show proof of compliance, vehicles history, maintenance history and other historical data artifacts.

Managers can now look at the long view in order to establish trends, route inefficiencies, driver performance and other aspects that allow them to become better at their job.

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