What Does Fleet Tracking Have To Do With Social Responsibility?

Actually, a lot.

Going green, a practice where companies do their best to reduce their environmental impact, is only a part of “the social contract”. In today’s world people expect businesses to operate a certain way. GPS Fleet tracking from InTouchGPS can help ANY company be more environmentally ethical and at the same time, reducing expenses. It is a Win-Win for all parties.

Here are three of the ways GPS fleet tracking can help:

Reduce Fuel Usage

While no tool can completely eradicate fuel usage, GPS fleet tracking ensures that you are aware if a vehicle is being driven in a way that is not in line with your idea of best practices.  Excessive speeding, long term idling and unnecessary miles through inefficent route planning should all be things of the past. Less fuel being burnt is better for the environment, but think about how many gallons saved multiplied by how many vehicles you have, the savings really start to add up.

Customer Appeal

“Is this organic, locally sourced, GMO free?” – This is a real question I heard from a fellow customer at the grocery store to a clerk. In today’s age the customer has a lot of options in almost every purchase so they can be much more discerning. There are people that want to work with companies that care about the environment and their community. Merely acknowledging you utilize GPS fleet tracking can be the difference between a customer choosing you or your competition.

Reduction of Maintenance

The GPS Fleet tracking tool from INTouchGPS allows companies to schedule maintenance tasks and to see the status of these tasks. Keeping a close eye on when something is due and following that regimen means there should be much less unexpected maintenance costs. You can also do manpower and vehicle planning by forecasting when a vehicle is going to be out and how long.

Discover how GPS fleet tracking can benefit both you and the customers that you have and want to have, today.