The Customer Experience

In today’s economy price is often a determining factor. When prices are similar what makes a customer go with one company or another. More importantly what makes a customer stay?

The answer is the level of customer service and how they are treated by your company

Does your customer feel that they matter to you?

InTouchGPS has seen company after company benefit from enhancing their customer service and overall customer experience with the integration of GPS fleet tracking.

How does fleet tracking from

1)      Our application is cloud-based. This means that from any web-enabled device that you can access the application and see where your vehicles are at as well as gain other information that allows you to make other real time decisions. Need to deploy a vehicle to a specific location quickly? Fleet tracking can tell you which one is closest and send dispatch notes to that vehicle.

2)      Searchable application- InTouchGPS works with any size fleet . Some of the fleets we work with have one vehicle and some fleet’s have several hundred vehicles. When you are dealing with many vehicles you can easily get lost in the quagmire of too much data. Our application has filters and search functions built in to easily find the vehicle or vehicle related information you are looking for very quickly.

3)      In this fast paced world we live in, time,  is our most precious commodity. Especially in areas when dealing with services in a timely manner matter (plumbing or AC emergency for example)  customers satisfaction levels quickly diminish as time goes on without your serviceman there. With GPS fleet tracking you can quickly and correctly manage customer expectations, provide ETA’s and updates to your customer.

There are a myriad of ways that GPS fleet tracking can be used and the benefits can be tremendous. To learn more about what InTouchGPS can do for you, contact us today.