Even though fuel prices have come down slightly over the last year, it is still a huge concern for companies that operate a fleet of vehicles.  Fuel is in the top three expenditures of fleet-centric companies ( the other two items  are vehicle cost and personnel). While fleet tracking can’t completely eliminate fuel costs there are four areas in which fleet tracking can help with fuel management.

Four Ways Fleet Tracking Reduces Fuel Costs

Let’s first list the problem and then how fleet tracking can solve the issue. 

1) Excessive Idling

Idling is defined as when a vehicle is in use, but is not moving. Fleet tracking can reduce fuel costs by notifying you when a vehicle is idling for greater than a threshold you define. Especially as we approach winter and the vehicle is potentially used as climate control, it is imperative to know if the idles are legit or not.

2) Dispatch

The fleet tracking application that InTouchGPS provides includes a dispatch feature. You can enter any address in the system and it will tell you how far a vehicle is from that location. You can take this a step further by sending a dispatch to include the fastest directions to the driver of your choice. This makes sure that fuel lost during routing inefficiencies or human error is taken out.

3) Weather

A relatively new feature to the fleet tracking party is the Weather Feature. With a click of a button you can see current weather status for any location. This visibility allows you to dispatch accurately, avoiding dangerous weather and increasing safety and fuel efficiency.

4) Traffic

Our easy to use traffic feature shows a color coded overlay – green things are going pretty smooth, yellow- slight congestion and red/black- significant traffic or a serious traffic event. Once again allows you to dispatch more effectively and to see trends that you can plan around- saving valuable money and time. Can you think of other ways that fleet tracking has helped you save money? To discover how much you can save and learn about other benefits of fleet tracking , contact us today.