The Ides of March-

Unless you are a Roman Emperor, this date may not mean much to you. However, now that clocks are forward, spring break is here and across most of the nation snow is melting and we are seeing our grass again, many lawn service companies are smiling. Time to get back to work.

InTouch GPS works with lawn service companies across the nation. Every company is unique in how they work, but typically as lawn service company grows, many vehicles and teams are dispatched at once. Jobs are all different because all lawns are a little different. This team is servicing a school, this team an entire golf course, this team just a quick home. Managing and dispatching multiple teams can be a challenge. That’s where GPS fleet tracking can come in and have a huge benefit.

3 Benefits of Fleet Tracking To The Lawn Service Industry

While there are numerous benefits of fleet tracking, there are two that are particularly strong to the lawn service industry.

1)Reporting- Timecards

You trust your person on the street to give accurate times about how long a job took. Timecards allow you to validate that time reported is true time at location. With experience you should be able to estimate how long a job may take. You can look at timecards and know that a vehicle didn’t take enough time at a particular location or that they took too much at a different one. While ensuring customer expectations are met, you also make sure that you are paying only for true time worked.

2)Route Replays

Where did your team go? What route did they take? Using route replays allows you to see where the various jobs were and to make sure that the dispatch and routing were as efficient as possible.

Proof of Service

Ever get that customer call saying “Your driver wasn’t here?” In hand with reporting above you can give accurate times of service to the client. We have a few customers hat proactively send these times in the monthly billing to show how monitored their teams are.

There are many other cost saving benefits to GPS fleet tracking for the lawn service industry. Dominate your competition through the help of our GPS fleet tracking.

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