At InTouchGPS many company’s trust us and utilize our services without really understanding how GPS fleet tracking  works. They simply understand that it does. This blog goes into some of the technical technical details in order to explain how GPS fleet tracking works for the curious minded.

What Can GPS Fleet Tracking Allow You To Do?

From any web-enabled device you can instantly receive a complete snapshot of your fleet’s activity. With GPS fleet tracking from InTouchGPS a business owner or fleet manager can do things like:

  • View current location and activity of all of your vehicles
  • See Historic location and activity of all of your vehicles
  • Assign, create and track maintenance tasks so routine maintenance is not skipped
  • Create and receive alerts based on parameters you define
  • Send dispatch communication to drivers email or phone

& Many More!!

So How Does GPS Fleet Tracking Work?

  1. GPS Fleet Tracking devices use satellites positioned around the world to determine it’s location
  2. At various intervals or actions ( 2 minutes or when the engine is turned on for example) the device will take reading of its current location
  3. The SIM card inside of this device sends this reported information through a cellular network to a network operation center
  4. The network operation center then uploads that data to local servers where any web enabled device can access the data in formatted tabs through our application.

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