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If you look at things from an investment stand-point, businesses with a fleet of vehicles have a serious dilemma: they spend a ton of money annually on their drives and vehicle, but don’t know for sure what they are doing throughout the day!
Presuming that there is only one driver per vehicle, a company can EASILY invest $50,000 per year for a driver and vehicle wear/tear. If you have a fleet of 10 vehicles, that is a half -million dollar investment annually!

If you were going to spend $500,000 annually…. would you want to know where those investments are during the day and what they are doing?

That is the beauty of Fleet Tracking….. now you are able to know exactly what that investment is doing all day long.

By tracking and monitoring your fleet with GPS, you can reduce costs by saving on fuel cost, eliminating unearned overtime and become more productive with the time you already use.  In this uncertain economy, every dollar matters.  GPS fleet tracking can help your fleet entric business regardless of niche or vertical

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