GPS Fleet Tracking is no longer something that business owners and managers are unaware of. It is tool that has become the industry standard, not the outlier. This is great because it provides a safer environment for all of us. The decision is now which GPS fleet tracking company is best for your business? InTouch works with thousands of companies throughout the United States in many different verticals.  Let’s look at 3 reasons why so many companies have chosen us and stick with us.

Three Reasons Companies Choose InTouch GPS as their GPS Fleet Tracking Provider

1) No Contracts….Ever

We believe in a simple philosophy- if they are happy and seeing ROI the customer will stay. We have one of the highest year over year retention rates in the industry, all without a contract. We don’t want to hold someone accountable for something they aren’t making use of or especially keep them giving us money, simply because a sheet of paper tells them they have to. We want our customers to be ecstatic and realize our worth and value and feel like a priority. You are never a number on a list to us- we take your company’s business personally. A secondary reason to never have contracts is that fleet sizes are often in constant flux. Whether it is seasonal, mechanical, business case or some other reason i you aren’t using something you shouldn’t have to continue to be paying for it. Just call us and let us know and we can pause and or unpause any device as necessary.

2) Affordable

We offer top of the line devices and an in-house custom built application. We have been in business for many years and with the sheer volume of customers and products we work with we have negotiated special rates between us and our suppliers and pass those savings onto you. We believe in the value of a long relationship, both professionally and financially and would rather have a low margin over many years than a one time big hit. We now offer FREE hardware and a low monthly cost of $23.95 in most situations. There ae no hidden data fees or user subscription restrictions per account or anything else complicated. One easy, affordable price.

3) We are Fanatical About Customer Service

We have a dedicated onboarding team and library. They will test devices remotely to make sure everything was installed correctly, train you on best practices and ALWAYS be there if you have a question about our application. No matter whether you have one device with us or thousands you are treated equally and we do everything in our power to make your fleet tracking experience an incredible one.

To discover what fleet tracking can do for your company, contact us today with any question or to schedule a no pressure demonstration of our system.