There are some GPS providers who will only talk to a customer if the customer needs more than a certain amount of devices-typically 5 but we have seen companies that require at least 25 vehicles in order do business with them.

InTouchGPS has a magic number as well.

At least one.

Uno.  Ein. 1.

Fleet Tracking For Any Size Client

That’s it. Although we work with clients that have several hundred devices our system was intentionally designed to work with ANY size fleet.  Our support protocols, training and processes are no different just because you may have fewer vehicles than another company.

EVERY CUSTOMER, regardless of size, is important to us and is treated the same.  You are important to us. 

Often companies with only a single vehicle or only a handful of vehicles, feel that the importance of making every penny count is often a greater challenge and need than it is for larger customers. There aren’t multiple divisions and vehicles to make up the difference in lost efficiency if a vehicle is down for unexpected maintenance or drivers aren’t being efficient.

The ROI of GPS Fleet Tracking can be huge for even the smallest of fleets.

Regardless of the size of your company, the bottom line is important. InTouchGPS has seen clients of all sizes experience a significant increase in their bottom line through reduced costs and increased profits. Whether it’s reducing fuel costs through routing more efficiently, improving driving behavior through accountability, reducing maintenance cost through scheduled tracking or a myriad of other benefits, our system will help you to become more profitable.

So whether you have one vehicle, five vehicles or hundreds of vehicles, your company can benefit greatly from GPS Fleet Tracking with InTouchGPS.

Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Sometimes to define yourself, you also have to define who you are not.  At InTouchGPS we only do business vehicle tracking. While the devices and software would work with other types of tracking, it is just not something we want to do. We don’t do spousal tracking, animal tracking, teen tracking, silver tracking or anything else that isn’t specific to fleets.


Fleet tracking is a large sector with very specific needs. We built and continue to build our software with the very strict demands of business fleet’s in mind. We don’t want our focus to be diluted; we don’t want our device to be all things to everyone. ( and we don’t want to get stabbed by someone mad our devices helped someone catch them cheating)

We want businesses with fleets to know that the business vehicle tracking devices and services they trust from us were built for them and only for them.

Fleet Vehicle Tracking is something we take seriously at InTouchGPS.

InTouch is: Affordable, Powerful & Easy To Use.

Come discover what InTouchGPS can do for you today by scheduling a no pressure demo or calling us and seeing how we may be able to solve your specific issue.