Creating A Safer Fleet

At InTouchGPS we often discuss the various features and benefits of our services and devices. GPS fleet tracking is a tool that solves many problems. One of the largest and most important issues facing any fleet is safety.

“Safety is paramount to our organization’s success”

So how do you make things safer than they already are?

Three Ways to Increase Safety with GPS Fleet Tracking

1)  Improving Driver Behavior by Reducing Speed

Behind cell phone distraction, speed is the number 1 factor in vehicle accidents. While not foolproof,  knowledge that the GPS fleet tracking device is in the vehicle reminds the driver that he or she is being monitored and often extra prudence is applied by the driver. You can choose to set up and receive historic or real time reports on almost any factor related to the vehicle- speed, location, time of use and many others. Not only can you receive this information on a scheduled or ad hoc report, but if important to you, the system can also be set up a text or email when your drivers crosses your defined threshold. Some users have also created their drivers as an additional user on the system and scheduled alerts to be sent to them. A real time alert will often stop the problem immediately.

2)  Keep Your Vehicle Well Taken Care

While our application can ‘t turn the wrenches for you, GPS fleet tracking from InTouchGPS does the next best thing by EASILY allowing you to create, assign and track maintenance tasks through a color coded dashboard. Faulty brakes or overdue maintenance should be a thing of the past. You can also ascribe notes to each task and clone then when complete . Some people even go as far as having an alert sent to  the mechanic when the task is about to come due.

(While not directly related to safety, another functionality of the system is that when you close a work order you can choose to simply delete it, or clone it so you don’t have to put in all of the information all over again. A much-often neglected aspect of safety is the protection of your own assets.)

 3) Protect Your Vehicle

When we think of safety, we think first and foremost about the driver. Safeguarding your vehicle is another component to safety. How do you prevent theft with GPS fleet tracking? You set landmarks and times they are authorized to be utilized by the driver.  You can instantly be alerted via text or email if that vehicle is being operated outside of authorized times. You can then easily track a stolen vehicle and notify the appropriate parties of location. InTouchGPS has assisted companies and the police in recovering several vehicles throughout the years.

Safety is continuous and there are several other ways that we can show you how InTouchGPS helps make your team of fleet and drivers operate more efficiently. Contact us to schedule a demonstration today.