Managing By Exception

This is a management philosophy that focuses on dealing with issues that deviate from the expectation or the norm. The advantages of this style of management are numerous, however the one that stands out most in regard to fleet management is how much time it saves you.

Historically a manager would have to go through tons of data. He or she would have to look through every bit of driver data looking for any anomalies and even then there is still the opportunity for to miss something due to human error.

The InTouchGPS application has multiple real time alerts. These alerts are sent to the user based on driver behavior. The user can determine which alerts to receive and whether they want them delivered via email or text.

There are six real time alerts. Find them and their definitions below.

Idling- Our system will send an email if the vehicle has been idling greater than 10 minutes or later if you choose. You can select to receive it once or continue to receive the notice as the vehicle continues to idle.

Working Hours- You can define the times that are authorized for that vehicle to be moving. If it is operated outside of that window the user can get an alert. This helps with preventing theft and with moonlighting.

Maintenance- Our system allows you to create, assign and track maintenance tasks and you can be made aware when those tasks are coming due.

Speed- This is not related to the posted speed limits but rather speeding thresholds you define. If a vehicle goes above what you authorize you will be notified.

Offline- This is about the device itself. If for some reason it stops reporting you will receive and alert.

First Movement- Our system can notify you the very first time that vehicles moves. You can choose to have this sent every day or only if the first movement occurs after a certain time ( denoting they were late)

Our application is specifically designed to save you time through automation and multiple exception management methods.

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