Technology continues to evolve daily. From smart cars to smart watches and everything in between, our lives are being driven by science. Some habits are hard to break. That’s why we still see companies using manual timecards in regards to their drivers and fleet operations.

The challenge with continuing to stay with your manual process is that it makes it difficult to compete with the company that has automated this task.  This automation allows the drivers and managers to work on other profit generating tasks while you are still trying to decipher if that is a 1, the number 7 or a blot of ketchup on the timecard you just received.

Reduce Labor Expenses with the Help of Fleet Tracking


Fleet Tracking automates your operations and eliminates the potential of human error.

Fleet Tracking allows you to see where your vehicles were at for any given time; adding a layer of verifiability that you didn’t have before. More importantly the InTouchGPS application enables you to automate various reports (to include a Timecard Report ) on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Not only does it negate the potential of human error, but it also takes the tasks away from the drivers allowing them to focus on the service call instead of paperwork.

Since many of our client’s customers bill on time, these timecard reports also allow you to send proof if necessary.
How much can be saved if you correct 1 hour per work per driver on their payroll reporting?
While most people are honest , inadvertent mistakes or rounding up are made- this eliminates that human error factor and makes sure the driver is paid fairly, however being fair to the company as well and not paying for what was not worked.

With every company, every unnecessary expense should be minimized. We have seen companies break even on the investment of the fleet tracking devices and services in only a matter of days.
What can fleet tracking do for your organization? Contact InTouchGPS today to find out.