Protect Against Vehicle Theft With GPS Fleet Tracking

Winter is coming and as the heat index decreases the number of fleet vehicles stolen increases. What is the correlation? While not always the case, fleet drivers using the vehicle as climate control means they keep it in idle and on during a quick stop, making the vehicle prime for the picking.

GPS fleet tracking can help you address this and other issues that encourage vehicle theft.

Vehicle theft can lead to unexpected replacement expenses and higher insurance costs for your fleet. While we can’t completely eliminate theft, we can help deter it these ways.

1) Immediately alert you of unauthorized movement. You can do this a couple different ways. You can set up landmarks and know when a vehicle enters or exits a landmark. You can set off/on alerts and know when an engine is being started.  (This can also prevent internal theft- moonlighting with your vehicle, its gas and your serviceman.) you to suspicious vehicle movement.

2) Set up idling boundaries. Another report/alert you can set is idling. Should a vehicle be idling is only something you can answer. You can always contact the driver and ask what is going on if you have any questions and implement policies and standards against excessive idling.

While GPS fleet tracking does help prevent theft, it is not failproof. However it can (and in three specific cases with us the last three years)it also help to retrieve stolen vehicles by enabling a user to provide a police department with a van or truck’s precise location the moment you realize it’s been stolen.

To discuss how fleet tracking can help prevent vehicle theft or to learn the other benefits of fleet tracking, contact us today.