Drivers are an integral part of any service based company. Outside of performing the job well once they get to the client site, they also have to deal with traffic, potential mechanical problems and a myriad of other potential pitfalls that may befall anyone that is on the road a lot. Roadside assistance is when a driver calls dispatch or their boss and someone is sent out to help the driver. This help can mean taking over materials and the job, moving the vehicle and/or giving a lift to the driver back to the shop or home.

There are two kinds of roadside assistance companies – internal and 3rd party.

An internal system is the most common. This is when a company simply sends another driver from the company to help the distressed fleet vehicle or driver. InTouch GPS has devices that can track and relay information back to the dispatch on the vehicles exact location, which other fleet vehicle is closest and the best route to get their from any location.

3rd party roadside assistance companies offer a paid for service that usually includes an agreement with a towing company or even mechanic and can be called to help a disabled fleet vehicle and driver. To be clear, Intouch GPS does not offer this service, however we help 3rd parties through the integration of our GPS fleet tracking find the most expeditious route to a vehicle as well as a ton of other services, reports and features included for one small monthly price.

This GPS fleet tracking is often incredibly reliable and response time, service calls and driver safety all can be improved.

To learn more about how GPS fleet tracking can help reduce costs, increase profits and enhance driver safety contact us today.