InTouchGPS is based out of Orlando, Florida. That means we don’t deal with hard snows and heavy winters.  Although we did have to get out our winter coats a couple days last week, snow is a foreign concept for us. However, we are the partners and suppliers for companies across America and know that heavy snows are just a part of life. Many companies who offer lawn services rig out their trucks and vans with snow plows to keep bringing in revenue during the winter.

Snow Plows and Salt Trucks

Snow plow and salt truck companies across the United States take advantage of our service offering. GPS fleet tracking allows them to easily track where they have been and what areas still need to be covered (easily done by setting up client or area as a landmark) or looking at the times and routes that certain vehicles took.

Our system also allows dispatches to be sent to the drivers to quickly be able to react to changes in priority or simply to help with directions.

In a large snowfall safety is paramount and the utmost concern for the people involved. GPS fleet tracking allows you to know exactly where your vehicle is and the current status of that vehicle (whether it is on, off, moving, idling, etc. ) This adds one more layer of protection to your fleet as they keep the streets safer for the local community.

To learn what fleet tracking can do for your snow plow or salt truck company, contact us today at 1-800-746-5170.
With no contracts, you won’t be stuck continuing to pay for the devices once the snow has come and gone.