Think You Are Too Busy For Fleet Tracking?

At InTouchGPS we understand that as a fleet manager you have a ton of responsibilities.  The purpose of our application is to make your life easier by making a more efficient use of your time while increasing your bottom line.

Let’s look at just a few of the many ways our fleet tracking system saves you time.

Driver Communication

Instead of calling drivers to find out their locations a simple glance at our application will tell you where your drivers are at and how long they have been there.  You don’t have to waste your driver’s time or your time with unnecessary phone calls.

Automated Reporting

With our automated reporting functionality you can schedule reports to be sent to you automatically-You chose what report and the frequency at which it is to be sent. You save time by not having to go into the system every time you want to find certain data and pulling data that is constant.

IFTA Reporting

Our system reports mileage by driver by state and provides the information that you will need to provide for IFTA.

Maintenance Scheduling and Tracking

Create and schedule maintenance tasks through our system. Once the tasks are created you will see a color coded screen that shows all of the created tasks. You can also choose to receive alerts via text or email when a maintenance task is coming due.

Dispatch Tool

With a simple click of the button on a map you can see how far all of your drivers are from a certain location (or a landmark or an address you input) . You can then choose to dispatch that vehicle to that location. Our system will send the driver a message through text or email with the address, directions and any other notes you may want to include.

With these and many other features, the GPS fleet tracking application from InTouchGPS was built with you in mind.

To find out how InTouchGPS can help you maximize your time contact us today to schedule a demo of our software and see how we can maximize your output while minimizing your time.