InTouchGPS serves clients across the country in almost every business vertical and size. We hear incredible stories about the differences experienced in numerous fleets after they implement fleet tracking- it turned the company around, saved them from having to offer a customer credit and so many more wonderful things. However we occasionally also hear what happens when someone decides to wait or forego flee tracking altogether.

If Only They Had Fleet Tracking!

A potential client called to tell us he wanted to get fleet tracking. He said he  would take care of it before his vacation, but never got around to it. When he came back from vacation he discovered

Two of his trucks had been stolen!!

He kicked himself- if he had an alert set-up or landmark created, he could have alerted the police immediately or even track where the vehicles were currently at. InTouchGPS has helped several companies recover vehicles or alert police immediately due to their application.

Another client has had the same person working for him for nearly 20 years. Installed GPS fleet tracking and discovered he had been cheating the system by adding an hour a day to his timecard almost every day since he had started as well as taking a much longer lunch than expected. When confronted with the the data from the report, the worker said he had always done that. So that would be

An hour a day stolen for 19 years…

We could go on and on –there are so many good things related to effectively utilizing GPS fleet tracking and so many mishaps from not having fleet tracking that we could go on forever. We are reminded of Ben Franklin’s popular adage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”‘

A third client called us after implementing just one device-he wanted to see how it worked. He had suspicions that one of his drivers wasn’t doing what he was supposed to be doing since his average miles and trip time were much longer than the dispatch reported they should be and there were a few other discrepancies in the worker’s story about his days. The owner followed the vehicle online to learn that his driver was moonlighting, using the company’s truck and company materials to do work for clients he had found and pocketed the entire profit without telling the company.

This client ordered several more immediately.

Isn’t a small investment that is proven to provide peace of mind and positive ROI as well as being the solution for so many potential problems worth finding out more about? Contact us to schedule a no pressure demo and discover what GPS fleet tracking from InTouchGPS  can do for you.