Every company is unique in how they integrate GPS fleet tracking into solving their specific goals and challenges. There are two long term clients that use GPS fleet tracking in such an interesting way we wanted to showcase their ideas.

2 Innovative GPS Fleet Tracking Ideas

Courier tracking

The first company has a fleet of about 25 vehicles. They created several groups for different territories and assigned the vehicles to a group. When helping them set up their account they had one vehicle in its own group. When asked what was special about that vehicle the company replied that it belonged to the person who handled the cash for the company and who was responsible for taking it from HQ to the bank. In our system you have the ability to create geofences (sometimes referred to as landmarks)  and have them assigned to be relevant to every group or just a single one. Since you can create the shape of the landmark using various polygons they made a landmark polygon across the entire person’s route- turn by turn, street by street. Although they trusted this person, as security protocol would dictate they now had a monitoring system and would be alerted if that vehicle diverged from the allowable path on the way from the bank.

Mobile advertising

There is an old famous Peter Drucker line that says “Half of my advertising works…Half of my advertising does not. The problem is I just don’t know which half”
Our second client has answered this through his innovative use of GPS Fleet tracking. He drives a mobile billboard with a customer’s advertisement on it. He can give proof to his routes and show exactly where he was at. They overlay a map and see if there has been an increase in phone calls or emails have been generated from the territory that they drove on.

What challenges is your fleet facing?

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