A Fleet Tracking Lesson From the 1930’s

In the 1930’s America went through an economic hard time that became known as the Great Depression. During this time people had to do more with less and became much more diligent about making sure they were getting the absolute maximum usage of anything they had. There is a valuable lesson that can be applied to your business in regards to your fleet.

Get the Absolute Most Out Of What You Already Have. 

Are you getting the absolute most productivity and revenue from your fleet possible? Is there any way that you can further reduce costs or increase profits? What if you could squeeze in just one more client a day per driver for your business?

What if you could reduce fuel consumption by eliminating unnecessary idling? (especially where vehicles are used for climate control)

The fleet tracking solution InTouchGPS provides will allow you to do just that and so much more.

InTouchGPS offers a low cost, high value fleet tracking solution with features like a dispatch routing tool, landmark notification, vehicle maintenance tracking, real time alerts, automated reporting and  many others.

Our dashboard feature allows you to define metrics and set KPI’s that are important to you and to quickly see where your entire fleet is in comparison to these goals. You can see if a driver needs training or counseling on a specific issue or perhaps even reward the people in your fleet that are performing above your expectations.

With automated reporting, real-time alerts and a free mobile application, InTouchGPS offers peace of mind that you are in absolute control of your fleet and this fleet tracking solution is getting you “the absolute most of what you already have”

To learn what GPS fleet tracking can do for your business, fill out the contact form on the right hand side or simply call us to schedule a no pressure demo of our system.

We look forward to helping you in this New Year.