At InTouch GPS we believe that ANY size company in EVERY industry
that utilizes a vehicle for their business can benefit by reducing costs and increasing profits through GPS fleet tracking. We work with many industries across the nation and would be hard pressed to find a company vertical that we haven’t worked with before. However there are specific industries that we see more often than others. Here are three of those industries and a few examples of how we help them specifically.

Plumbing and HVAC Industry

Plumbing and HVAC crews often get a customer route and plan of action each day. GPS Fleet Tracking can make sure that the most direct and efficient routes are being taken. For plumbing disasters, and other HVAC emergencies, time is often of the essence.With GPS Fleet Tracking A dispatcher can see which vehicle is closest and available and provide them directions to the waiting customer. While doing so, the dispatch can also set the expectations for the customer for the estimated time of arrival. You can also use historic and real-time reports to determine work force necessity and future man power planning more accurately.

Lawn Service Industry

There are many moving parts to a lawn service crew. This nebulous term can include crews who mow the lawn, Tree cutting and trimming service providers, landscapers, and others. Typically a team lead is responsible for his/her crew and have certain projects throughout the day. GPS Fleet Tracking can provide demonstrable proof that a crew was on time, how long they worked their for, and when they left. Real-time alerts can be set to notify if any of your fleet vehicles are speeding, or driving aggressively in residential and commercial areas

Construction Industry

There are many facets of a construction project. In all phases, timeliness, punctuality and attention to detail are vital. GPS Fleet Tracking can ensure that all vehicles and project members are on sight and working. GPS Fleet Tracking also enhances security by being a theft deterrent since construction projects often work around the clock, you can specifically manage time card reporting through tracking to ensure

These are just a few of the many ways that GPS fleet tracking can benefit the above companies and yours. InTouch GPS works with several thousand companies across the United States. Although we never require any contract of any sort, we are proud to say that we have over a 96 percent client retention rate year over year. We believe that great customer service, an easy to use affordable product that helps companies quickly benefit is the key to that figure. Discover what InTouch GPS can do for your company today by contacting us to answer any questions or experience a quick, no pressure demo of our system in action.