Fleet Tracking In California

California, The Golden State. The home of the highest and lowest points in the contiguous US (MT Whitney and Death Valley,) Hollywood Stars and the busy traffic in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and others.

Anyone that works in some of the busier California locations understands the challenge of reaching the destination on time.  Any fleet manager knows that the traffic is often the biggest issue in getting the vehicles in your fleet where they need to be.

California is diverse and is a titan of industry and we are fortunate to work with many business owner and fleet managers from San Diego to San Francisco and everywhere in between.

California has very specific challenges in regards to when you are managing a fleet. Here are two challenges and how GPS fleet tracking helps solve them.

1) High Fuel Costs

Due to the sheer size of California and the congested traffic, trips may have many miles between destinations. Make sure that you are routing as efficiently as possible by utilizing our dispatch tool to give a driver the most direct route (and you send a closest driver from the job). Monitor speeding to ensure that the vehicle is being driven in accordance to company guidelines. Playback the route the driver took to verify that the customer was reached as fast as they possibly could be. Discover an accident or heavy traffic (well, heavier then usual) and dispatch can find a new route.

2) Wear and tear on vehicle is expensive

The frequent change of pace in traffic and stop and go means that your fleet vehicle takes a beating. While we can’t do anything about the traffic in California, we can help make sure that all of your required PM. and scheduled maintenance doesn’t fall through the cracks. Our maintenance feature allows you to schedule maintenance tasks based on date, run time or accrued mileage. You can also decide if you ( or whoever is responsible for the usage of the system) wants to receive text or email alerts when certain tasks are schedule or coming up or even past due.

California is a great state and we are one that are proud to work with in such strong numbers. Whether in California or any other great state in our nation, if you are interested in GPS fleet tracking contact us today for a no pressure quick demo or to answer any questions you may have.

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Taxis, Limos & Tour Bus Fleet Tracking

When we hear the term “fleet tracking” we often think of company trucks or vans. While this is accurate, it is not the full picture of what a fleet vehicle is and therefor what fleet tracking entails. Limos, Taxis, Tour Buses and other vehicles for hire are all a company’s “fleet” of vehicles.

The appropriate term for this group of for-hire vehicles is called livery. And just like other fleet vehicles these limos, taxis and tour buses can greatly benefit from fleet tracking.  Increased driver accountability allows for improved customer service and comfort, while ensuring safe practices and proper utilization of your vehicles.  Managers and business owners now have an easy to use technology to:

Verify client pick-up and drop-off times
Reduce fuel costs costs by monitoring idle times and speeds
Eliminate side jobs (Also allowing the driver to not be pressured to “stop the clock” since it is out of his control
Proper activity tracking if customer dispute ever comes up
Enhance  customer experience by providing accurate ETA’s 
Dispatch drivers with directions  send vial email or text on the fly to customer pick-up locations

The livery industry is the first step of tourism and commute for travelers and in many places,like NY for example, a necessity for things to run smoothly. Separate yourself from the pack and discover today what GPS fleet tracking can do for you.

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5 Ways To Get Your Fleet Vehicle Ready For Summer

Schools across the nation are getting out, Memorial Day has passed, the beaches are starting to get crowded- that could only mean one thing- Summer is here. If the heat is already taking it’s toll on us, imagine what our fleet vehicles are going through.
One of the GPS fleet tracking features Virtual Fleet Supervisor offers is the maintenance feature with built in alert option. You can create, assign and track maintenance tasks and even be notified via email or text when they are coming due.We suggest using this feature to help prevent a vehicle from going down unexpectedly.

Here are five summer maintenance tips to help you summer-proof your fleet vehicle:
1. Service the AC
The most important element for both your car and your driver is the air conditioning. If yours isn’t running as cool as it used to be—or if you’ve been experiencing trouble—don’t wait to repair it. Use the schedule maintenance to keep track of when it was done last and when repairs are coming due. A stitch in time…

2. Protect the Paint
Especially during the summer and high refractive UV rays and high temperatures beaming your car’s paint, it’s important to take the steps necessary to protect your paint. It is imperative that amid the bustling schedule of dealing with clients and customers your driver sculpts out some time for a basic but regular car wash and wax. This will help protect the finish and seal any miniature cracks in the paint. Try to encourage drivers to park in the shade or inside if possible.
3. Look Closely for Cracks
High temperatures can wreak havoc on hoses, belts and other small but important parts. Examine your hoses and belts for any cracks-(especially if there are whining noises emanating from under your hood.- we can’t do anything about the whining noises in the backseat during those trips in your personal vehicles) Replacing these items quickly is imperative to avoiding major damage or inconvenient breakdowns later.
4. Plenty of Fluids
Many of us trust our fluid levels to be maintained when we get an oil change. Ensure that your coolant system is good. You may want to conduct a coolant system flush and fill. A fresh fill will keep things cool and will help prevent corrosion.
5. Get Amped Up
Take a look and make sure your battery is clean. Clean away any corrosion buildup to avoid any problems down the road. A clean battery will take some of the workload off of the alternator—keeping your car happy.

One additional tip about summer.  Have a policy about how the vehicle is to be used in regards to climate control. Is it okay, when it is hot, if your contractors are inside the vehicle with the AC running and the vehicle is idling? Idling usually increases during the summer for that reason. Our application allows you to track and alert you to idling times as well.
For other useful tips about how to get the most out of your fleet contact contact us today.

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What are Fleet Management & Fleet Tracking?

When we talk with clients this question often comes up. Fleet Tracking is a subset of fleet management. Fleet management is the complete system of  management of a company’s vehicle fleet. Fleet management can include a range of functions which includes vehicle fleet tracking (and diagnostics), driver management and fuel management. Fleet tracking is an important and valuable tool to any fleet management program.

What are the benefits of fleet tracking to a company looking for complete fleet management?

There are numerous benefits of fleet tracking and each company has different aspects they see as most important relative to the pain point they are trying to solve. (For example, a company with high fuel cost may appreciate the fact that they can now track speed and routes someone took)

1) Driver Safety

Not only will drivers be more responsible because they are aware of the GPS monitoring, but fleet managers will know exactly where a vehicle is if it requires any assistance. Whether it’s a broken down engine or any emergency situation, fleet managers can send roadside assistance to help their driver.

2) Minimize Fuel Cosrs

While no company can completely cut fuel cost, GPS fleet tracking allows a fleet manger to observe a vehicle’s fuel consumption. The monitoring software will cut down on the amount of money spent on fuel by eliminating vehicle idling, driver speeding, any unauthorized usage, and gives dispatch the ability to optimize driving routes.

3)  Increase Productivity

Because of the ability to track drivers’ hours worked and routes taken, fleet managers can now make better use of an employee’s time. The GPS tracking software shows exactly where your drivers are at all times and keeps record of what work they are doing at that time.

The benefits of GPS fleet tracking are numerous.  Get a better grasp of how employees are performing and find better ways to manage workloads with a comprehensive fleet tracking system. Not only will you save time and money, but your drivers will be safer and perform to their full potential. All of which adds up to a smoother business operation and improved customer service that each of your customer’s will love. If you are responsible for the fleet management and are looking for your fleet tracking partner to fill that component, contact us today and learn what we can do for you today.

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