gps fleet tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking – More Relevant Than Ever

GPS Fleet Tracking is no longer something that business owners and managers are unaware of. It is tool that has become the industry standard, not the outlier. This is great because it provides a safer environment for all of us. The decision is now which GPS fleet tracking company is best for your business? InTouch works with thousands of companies throughout the United States in many different verticals.  Let’s look at 3 reasons why so many companies have chosen us and stick with us.

Three Reasons Companies Choose InTouch GPS as their GPS Fleet Tracking Provider

1) No Contracts….Ever

We believe in a simple philosophy- if they are happy and seeing ROI the customer will stay. We have one of the highest year over year retention rates in the industry, all without a contract. We don’t want to hold someone accountable for something they aren’t making use of or especially keep them giving us money, simply because a sheet of paper tells them they have to. We want our customers to be ecstatic and realize our worth and value and feel like a priority. You are never a number on a list to us- we take your company’s business personally. A secondary reason to never have contracts is that fleet sizes are often in constant flux. Whether it is seasonal, mechanical, business case or some other reason i you aren’t using something you shouldn’t have to continue to be paying for it. Just call us and let us know and we can pause and or unpause any device as necessary.

2) Affordable

We offer top of the line devices and an in-house custom built application. We have been in business for many years and with the sheer volume of customers and products we work with we have negotiated special rates between us and our suppliers and pass those savings onto you. We believe in the value of a long relationship, both professionally and financially and would rather have a low margin over many years than a one time big hit. We now offer FREE hardware and a low monthly cost of $23.95 in most situations. There ae no hidden data fees or user subscription restrictions per account or anything else complicated. One easy, affordable price.

3) We are Fanatical About Customer Service

We have a dedicated onboarding team and library. They will test devices remotely to make sure everything was installed correctly, train you on best practices and ALWAYS be there if you have a question about our application. No matter whether you have one device with us or thousands you are treated equally and we do everything in our power to make your fleet tracking experience an incredible one.

To discover what fleet tracking can do for your company, contact us today with any question or to schedule a no pressure demonstration of our system.

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Truck tracking

Truck Tracking From InTouch GPS

Trucking has had an important impact on society- economically and politically.

Trucks were first used extensively by the military during World War I. With the increased construction of paved roads, trucking began to achieve significant foothold in the 1930s. During the late 1950s and 1960s, trucking was accelerated by the construction of the Interstate Highway System, but it was in the 60’s and 70’s that pop culture brought the trucking industry to the forefront of America. Trucking has come to dominate the freight industry and is as important, (if not more) as ever.

InTouch GPS understands the rigors involved in truck tracking. Whether it is short haul, long haul, local, Over The Road, or cross national we have the right solution to help you become more efficient in managing the fleet and reducing costs and increasing profits. Whether it is one old reliable pick-up truck or a crew of million dollar rigs- the benefits can be quickly realized.  The supply chain and logistics necessary to run a large fleet is complex, but smaller organizations have their own specific issues as well. GPS truck tracking from InTouch GPS provides an affordable, easy to use solution for any size fleet in every kind of business niche. Here are some of the challenges that truck tracking can help reduce and/or solve.

Truck Tracking Challenges

  • Fuel Usage- Anytime that windshield time is a major factor of your business, so is fuel usage. Use GPS fleet tracking to eliminate excess fuel consumption by monitoring speeding through automated real time alerts and  route optimization.
  • Long hours- with NTSB regulations being strictly enforced, time management is crucial. While we don’t do EOBR , we do offer Ifta reports that can be a good baseline to let you know how to manage a driver or vehicle.
  • Efficient Management- Managing your fleet becomes much easier with the use of numerous detailed reports, playbacks, dashboards and automated alerts. Set it and forget it.
    Maximize vehicle utilization – Eliminate unnecessary idle time and vehicle misuse to get the most from your fleet.
  • Lot of Moving Parts  Geographically-Separate your groups by role, territory, manager or some other aspect that differentiates one from another. Create very specific user authorizations and permission levels.

Contact us to get any questions you have answered about truck tracking or to schedule a no-pressure quick demo of our system in action.

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GPS fleet tracking for the construction industry

3 Ways GPS Fleet Tracking Helps The Construction Industry

The housing market seems to have recovered and new construction for new homes and commercial properties is on the rise. Add to that we are starting October with a Category 5 brewing in the Atlantic and a (hopefully inaccurate) forecast of a busy hurricane season in front of us.  So if you are in the construction industry, there will be an even greater need for efficiency responmding to any damage and making repairs as needed as well as maintaining the workload for existing and upcoming projects.  This is where GPS fleet tracking with InTouchGPS comes in. We offer affordable product and service that help construction companies increase profits and reduce costs in a myriad of ways.

Here are three:

Scalable Fleet Tracking

How large is a project? How many fleet vehicles will be needed to address those needs. Accurate reporting and historica and real time data allows you to make better business decisions. With increased business intelligence and route and job behavior, you can make forecasts and predictions about your needs. We never require contracts so if you need to scale up for a project and then back down- we will always be the exact right size for your needs.


Some areas of the country are already starting to feel freezing temperatures. Is your vehicle being used as climate control according to your policy? How about fuel usage- the greatest cost besides the cost of vehicles themselves of your fleet? While no one can eliminate fuel costs completely, we can make sure that you can determine patterns by vehicle or driver in regards to idling and speed control. You can receive real time alerts if idling is over a certain time you determine as well as receive reports at the frequenecy you determine showing total idle times. The same hold true for speeding- who is speeding, where are they speeding, patterns of behavior documented through reports or in real time through alerts.


Increase Safety

Our GPS fleet tracking offers reports and dashboards that allow you to have full situational awareness of any vehicle you are tracking. This not only includes their speed, but hard braking, hard accelaration and other customizable items on a scorecard. Moreso than this is the fact that drivers simply perform more to their leadership’s expectations when they know they are being monitored. This allows for a safer company all-around.

These are just three of the many ways GPS fleet tracking can help a construction company. We work with almost all types of companies across the United States and help them become more efficient. To learn what we can do for you specifically, contact us today so we can schedule a quick no pressure demonstration of our system or just to answer any questions you may have.


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GPS Fleet Tracking for Small Businesses

The small business is the epitome of the American Dream. People have and are continuing to take risks and start their own company to provide much needed services to their community. The people that take these risks see a need and have an idea on how to solve it and use resolve and dedication to make it happen. The challenges of a start-up are different than a second stage company and completely different than a large enterprise.

The largest difference between the stages these companies are in is often cash flow. While profitability is always incredibly important, the compliment to it- reducing costs- is equally as important.

Fleet vehicles are the backbone of so many types of companies- from service industries, to construction, energy, telecommunications and so many others. Cutting costs related to these fleets is a quick way to increase your bottom line. GPS Fleet tracking from InTouch GPS has proven itself over and over again in helping companies do both.

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking for Small Business

GPS Fleet tracking provides real-time and historic data which allow for actionable decisions about fleet vehicle driver behavior. Some of the things that are reported on include speed, location, vehicle idling and so much more!! GPS fleet tracking allows you to truly know what your vehicles are doing at any part of the day. Just knowing you have the ability to monitor their behavior often results in drivers doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing at most times.

Fleet tracking software is an investment that will prove its worth and continue to cut costs as your small business or startup grows.  As you grow, the ROI of fleet tracking grows as well- often exponentially instead of linearly. Here is some of the business intelligence that GPS fleet tracking can provide. Can you answer with 100% confidence any of the below aren’t happening without GPS fleet tracking?

  • Timesheets are accurate?
  • Vehicles are not being used for any purposes or places not authorized?
  • Employees are at where they are supposed to, when they are supposed to be?
  • Employees are not speeding or driving aggressively in order to make up for lost time?

Now, GPS Fleet tracking is not just about stopping negative fleet activity. It is also about ways to help your business.

Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking to Small Business

  • InTouch GPS increases productivity in a myriad of ways. Here are just a few of the ways we have seen GPS fleet tracking help business increase profits and become more competitive.
  • Help lost drivers get to a destination, avoid vehicle congestion or simply route them quickly to a next job.
  • Inform customers of ETA’s without having to interrupt the driver
  • Showing your customers that you invest in the company to serve them better can separate your company from those that don’t.

At InTouch GPS we work with all kinds of companies in all sizes. Whether it is 1 driver or several thousand our platform was built to help you make a more efficient use of time, reduce costs and increase profits and safety. Contact us today to learn about our services and what we can do for you and your business.

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fleet tracking for cable company

Fleet Tracking For Cable Companies

It seems that almost all of us lead busy lives. We are juggling more and more tasks and we are quickly draining our most valuable commodity-Time. As consumers, we have grown to expect service companies to do an incredible job and do it in a quick manner so we can get back to our lives. When I bought my first house, I remember the cable company telling me that the service man would be there between 8 am- 5 pm.

Wait, what? So I will just be sitting by idly waiting over such a long period of time?

Fast forward to present day- dispatchers and service technicians can give you a much smaller time window or near exact ETA and start the consumer/business relationship on a positive note right from the start.

InTouch GPS works with a myriad of companies-all kinds of business vertical, all sizes of fleets. While our platform is industry agnostic the fleetcentric nature of service companies mean that we get a lot of call from fleet managers, department managers and business owners of cable and other telecom companies.  We work with some of the major cable and telecom players as well as smaller companies that may have as few as one vehicle.  We support cable companies across the United States and while each business is unique, there are often broad sweeping challenges or practices that GPS fleet tracking can help with.

Cable companies usually have a morning muster ( or other shift muster) then the cable technicians, linemen and other service operators hit the road.  Read about many of the benefits that we offer to our current cable companies and how we can benefit you.

Cable Industry

Cable companies have two main service offerings

1) New Service Installation

2) Escalated Technical Issues

Regardless of which service the company is being utilized for the benefits of GPS fleet tracking run the gamut for them all.

Improving Efficiency 

GPS Vehicle Tracking allows you to gain valuable data on driver behavior. An authorized user can pull historic reports as well as see real time activity and gather business intelligence.

  • How long is a person at any respective cable job?
  • Is there an average time among your drivers?
  • Are they going directly from jobsite to jobsite?
  • What is an acceptable time in which someone can do the job efficiently?
  • Are your drivers timecards an accurate representation of their work?

GPS fleet tracking gives you these answer and insights about so much more.

When a person knows that the boss has the ability to monitor their activities they are much more likely to be doing what they are supposed to be doing.

Speed Control 

As discussed many of the vehicles in cable companies are often branded and are ambassadors of your company as they drive through residential neighborhoods. Are they speeding?

Heavy coax cable, materials, tools, T1 systems, servers and high speeds are not a good combination.

You can use the system to see how fast people are going- of course safety is paramount, but the potential damage to your reputation of unsafe drivers is also a key factor in being able to tracking this (and many other) aspects of their driving. Not only can you easily pull a dashboard and see current and historic data, you can also choose to be sent real time alerts to immediately be able to correct the problem.

Idling Control

Often cablers have to crawl through attics or appropriately named crawlspaces in order to fix an issue. They may have to brave the elements- rain, heat, snow – are your drivers using the vehicle as climate control? Are they keeping the vehicle on when they shouldn’t be. You can see how long a vehicle is idling to learn the answers to these questions and ultimately save money on fuel costs. We suggest having a driver policy meeting to set expectations about each of these events and what is authorized and what is not. Sometimes it may not seem like much- a few dollars saved here or there, but when you multiply it across the total

Customer Experience

In today’s tech driven world, customers are often inpatient to fix a technical issue or raring to go when they move into a new place to start hitting on all cylinders. With the ability for dispatchers to manage expectations of ETA and be able to route the closest driver for any technical “emergencies” the customer is happier and more likely to stay a customer. With all the choices that your customers have, every drop in the bucket matters.

With these and many more benefits, cable and telecom companies have increased their bottom line and stay with us. If you would like to be the next cable company (or any service company) to start increasing ROI while reducing costs, contact us today for a quick no pressure 10 minute demo about what we can do for you.

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fleet tracking adoption

Fleet Tracking Adoption

Adoption and implementation of GPS fleet tracking is an investment decision typically made by the business owner or other senior level leader in a company. Fleet managers or IT personnel are asked to vet potential vendors and see who they like and why and finally a decision is made. Very often the final factors come down to price and level of service. Once the company and product/service has been decided upon, the next step is implementation.

Fleet Tracking Adoption

There are many people who will be involved in the implementation process and sometimes this is where fleet tracking adoption gets difficult. Many people don’t understand what GPS Fleet tracking even is. You want to get buy-in from everyone involved to maximize the fleet tracking ROI.

To avoid Fleet Tracking adoption problems here are three basic rules to follow.

1) Communicate specific goals to the person managing the fleet tracking.

That way they know what to look for, what to pay most attention to. For example if you tell someone cut costs using this thing, they will have no idea what to do next. If you tell the person, we need to reduce fuel costs by 2 percent in the next quarter, they will know what areas to focus on. Give specific, measurable goals to the person using the system.

2) Take Advantage of FREE dedicated training and support to your team.

InTouch GPS has an experienced support team whose sole purpose is to make sure that clients are comfortable using the software to accomplish any task. Whether a first time user or experienced veteran of the system, we want someone to feel comfortable that they have the right tool to accomplish the task. If the user has any question on how to use our application to solve any specific problem our support team will walk you through how to set up the system to do tasks and reporting related to that (or any other) problem. We have many years of experience solving almost every imaginable problem and know how best to set up the system to do what you want it to do. We are dedicated to your success.

3) Ensure the drivers understand what is being tracked and why 

You want the people on the ground level to understand that fleet tracking is so much more than “big brother is watching”. Fleet tracking has many benefits specific to them such as not having to call them to tell a customer an ETA, being able to send directions if lost, more efficient means more profitable and the more likely there is a job to be had tomorrow in the first place. Here is a blog about 8 ways that the drivers benefit from fleet tracking.

If you are thinking about adopting fleet tracking into your business, talk to the GPS fleet tracking leaders at InTouch GPS to see a no pressure demo or to have any questions answered.

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back to school

How School Being In Affects Your Business

Across the nation, backbacks are being packed, lunches are being made and students are trickling in…summer is over.  This also means that the roads are going to be filled with young and inexperienced drivers-often talking on their cell phones or just not paying the attention of their surroundings as much as a more experienced driver may be.

If you have certain routes, you may see an influx of drivers or new vehicles along the way. Take this into consideration as your fuel usage may suffer waiting behind buses or just in general much more volume.

How To Mitigate The Effects With Fleet Tracking

Be Aware of Children Walking To and From School

Pay attention to areas around schools, especially, as they are often filled with children who have short attention spans, dart in and out of traffic, and do not necessarily follow the rules of the road. Be watchful and take it slow.

Ensure Your Maintenance Is up to Snuff .

This is the time of year when you most want blinkers, brakes, brake lights, headlights, and other mechanical parts of your fleet vehicles to operate at optimum efficiency. In addition to your other winterizing protocol it’s also wise to have a decent vehicle checkup before everyone else is in a mad dash to winterize. Get in ahead of the crowd and rest assure that your vehicles are safe and sound.

Eliminate Distractions

Not paying attention while driving is not a good plan no matter what time of the year it may be.  Remember your business name is the one that’s associated with anything that happens in those vehicles.

To learn about how to increase safety all while reducing costs and increasing profits, contact InTouch GPS today for a no pressure sales demo.

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3 Benefits of Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking Offers Numerous Benefits

Fleet tracking is no longer just for the largest and biggest corporate fleets, but has become the industry standard for just about any company that has any size fleet.  InTouchGPS serves companies with several hundred vehicles to companies throughout the US with just a single vehicle. The benefits are size agnostic. There are numerous benefits to fleet tracking for companies in every vertical as well.  Let’s talk about three important things to know about fleet tracking.

1) Fleet Tracking Offers Peace of Mind

Fleet tracking offers a current and historical record of your drivers activity. Even if you never intend to use it, you have the ability to in case there was ever a question that came up or a situation where you had to validate something did or didn’t occur.

2) Fleet Tracking Allows You To Manage Remotely

We offer our fleet tracking services on all smart devices. Concerned with what your drivers are doing? No longer are you tethered to your desk, having to keep a close eye on your people- you can be on job sites or at projects or working yourself and still have the power to manage and observe fleet activity in the palm of your hand.

3) Fleet Tracking is an Investment, Not an expense

We have a dedicated onboarding team- they will test devices remotely to make sure everything was installed correctly, train you on best practices and ALWAYS be there if you have a question about our application. When implemented correctly, fleet tracking can do many things. We recommend starting with your largest issue or fleet challenge and using fleet tracking to solve that, then moving to the next thing. Even resolving one issue often translates directly to more profit or a reduction cost. A large majority of our clients see the system pay for itself in less than three months.

To discover what fleet tracking can do for your company, contact us today with any question or to schedule a no pressure demonstration of our system.

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